5 Exciting Features that Set the 2024 Kia Sonet Facelift Apart from Tata Nexon

Kia has unveiled the facelifted Sonet with five standout features that set it apart from the 2023 Tata Nexon. The new Kia Sonet facelift comes equipped with Level 1 ADAS, making it a superior choice in its segment. In this regard, the Tata Nexon lags behind in competition with the Kia Sonet Facelift.

A few months ago, the popular Indian car manufacturer Tata Motors introduced the revamped Nexon SUV. Subsequently, the Korean automotive giant Kia also launched the new Sonet SUV in the Indian market.

In this article, we delve into these two vehicles to explore the unique offerings. We are here to shed light on the five features found in the Kia Sonet facelift that are absent in the 2023 Tata Nexon.

ADAS Feature

The new Kia Sonet facelift is presented with Level 1 ADAS, including forward-collision avoidance, lane-keep assist, lane departure warning, and high-beam assist in its ADAS suite. In this aspect, the Tata Nexon falls short. New Kia Sonet Facelift Launch Date Revealed! You Won’t Believe the New Features!

LED Sound Ambient Lighting

The new Sonet features LED sound ambient lighting, which synchronizes with the rhythm of the music, along with ambient cabin lighting. While the Nexon also offers ambient lighting, it does not sync with the music.

All-wheel Disc Brakes

The availability of disc brakes on all wheels ensures superior braking performance in the Sonet. Meanwhile, the Nexon (except for the ICCE version) is equipped with only front disc brakes, with drum brakes provided at the rear wheels.

Physical HVAC Controls

The Kia Sonet offers a traditional control panel with physical buttons for the HVAC system. On the other hand, the Tata Nexon provides a touch-based control panel for the HVAC system, which appears more premium but may be less satisfactory to use.

Remote Climate Control

In addition to remote engine start, the Sonet also includes remote climate control, which allows you to activate the air conditioning without entering the vehicle—especially useful when parking your car under the sun. Furthermore, the Sonet facelift is presented with a smart key.

These five remarkable features position the 2023 Kia Sonet Facelift as a compelling choice, outshining the Tata Nexon in various aspects.


The 2023 Kia Sonet Facelift and Tata Nexon are set to compete in the highly competitive compact SUV segment. Both vehicles offer unique features and capabilities, aiming to capture the attention of discerning car buyers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key rivals in this segment:

Hyundai Venue

As a close cousin to the Kia Sonet, the Hyundai Venue presents a strong competition to the Sonet. Both vehicles share the same platform and many mechanical components, creating a fierce yet familial rivalry in the market.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

With its reliable performance and established reputation, the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza stands as a formidable rival to both the Kia Sonet Facelift and Tata Nexon. Its extensive service network and proven track record make it a compelling choice for many consumers.

Ford EcoSport

Known for its dynamic driving experience and robust build quality, the Ford EcoSport has been a consistent competitor in the compact SUV segment. Its distinct design and advanced features contribute to its ongoing rivalry with the Kia Sonet Facelift and Tata Nexon.

Mahindra XUV300

Offering a blend of style, safety, and innovative features, the Mahindra XUV300 competes closely with the Kia Sonet Facelift and Tata Nexon. Its spacious cabin and advanced safety technologies make it a noteworthy contender in this segment.

Nissan Magnite

As a relatively recent entrant to the market, the Nissan Magnite has rapidly gained attention with its striking design and value-focused approach. Its competitive pricing and well-equipped variants pose a challenge to the established players, including the 2023 Kia Sonet Facelift and Tata Nexon.

These notable rivals signify the intense competition within the compact SUV segment, providing consumers with a diverse array of appealing options to consider.

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