5 Lassi Side Effects You Didn’t Even Know About!


Who doesn’t like a glass of rich and flavorful Punjabi Lassi? Nearly every single person! It almost instantaneously puts a smile to our faces, particularly in the summertime. But have you ever considered the possibility that consuming such sugary beverages on a regular basis may be detrimental to your health? If not, then the information that we provide with you today is going to be very important for you to remember.

Bad for diabetes

The majority of us really like the delectable flavor of this traditional Indian beverage. However, considering the quantity of sugar and fat that is included in lassi, it has the potential to rapidly elevate one’s blood sugar levels and is thus not recommended for diabetic individuals.

Alter blood pressure

Drinking beverages with a high sodium concentration, such as masala lassi or chaas, might make renal diseases that already present worse. This is due to the high sodium content of the spices and salts that are used to prepare these beverages. Although these beverages may have a pleasant flavor, the spices in them increase the likelihood of renal problems and cause changes in the body’s blood pressure levels.

Triggers skin issues

It’s possible that some individuals are lactose intolerant yet are completely unaware of the fact. This might lead to issues with the skin. People who suffer from eczema or any other skin disease should steer clear of buttermilk since it has the potential to make the problem worse, which in turn may cause the skin to become irritated and dry.

Puts on more weight

If you drink a lot of lassi, particularly just before night, it will have an effect on the number of calories you eat and will cause you to gain a substantial amount of weight. Because it includes protein, digestion of it will be difficult when you are asleep because protein is difficult for the body to break down.

Congestion, a hacking cough, and cold symptoms

Drinking lassi late at night might make you more susceptible to getting a cold, cough, and congestion due to the cold-potency of the lassi, which makes mucus production in the body worse. In addition to exacerbating respiratory disorders like asthma, mucus may make a person feel lethargic and create body pains, congestion, and fever.

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