A secret trick for sharing iPhone photos is revealed by a user in a social media thread.

Unveiling a Hidden iPhone Photo-Sharing Feature Discovered by a User on Social Media

Apple’s iPhone boasts a clever yet easily overlooked built-in photo-sharing feature that has the potential to revolutionize how users send images to their friends. The simple yet intricate maneuver, involving deft tapping and swiping, was brought to light in a Reddit thread.

The user who revealed the trick commented, “Wasn’t aware of the photo/press and drag tip. This is awesome.” Another user chimed in, praising its handiness in moving apps, while someone else admitted, “I just tried it. Surprisingly easy. I was making the mistake of opening the message but that didn’t work. Dropping it on top of the message in the list did the job.” Rockstar Games and Insomniac Face Data Leaks, Impacting GTA 5 and Unreleased Titles

Mastering the iPhone Photo Trick

To perform this nifty iPhone photo-sharing trick, begin by launching the Photos app and selecting ‘Recents’ from the Albums list.

Next, tap and hold a picture thumbnail, then move it from side to side until you see a subtle wiggle, indicating that you can now freely reposition the thumbnail on the screen.

While still holding the first thumbnail with one finger, use another finger to tap on additional thumbnails, causing them to form a stack.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen with the second finger, still holding the stack of photos, and select the Messages app.

Now, simply position the stack over a conversation, and your selected photos will instantly appear in the chat bar.

From there, you can promptly send them along with a comment or an emoticon.

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