Alina Habba Net worth, Properties, Age Career, Car Collection & More (2024 Update)

American lawyer Alina Habba Net worth: According to available information, American lawyer Alina Habba’s net worth is $10 million as of 2024. As net worth information can change over time and is often private, it may not be readily available in the public domain. For the most accurate and current information, it would be best to consult directly with reliable financial or legal sources. But their net worth can be calculated using the data provided below.

CarerPosition/RoleAnnual Income
2005 – 2007Career Started (fashion industry in accessories production)$.1m
2010 – 2011Law Clerk for Eugene J. Codey Jr., Presiding Judge of the Civil Superior Court in Essex County, NJ$.5m
2011 – 2013Associate (Law Firm)$.6m
2013 – 2020Equity Partner and Managing Partner 9Own Firm formed by former husband)$1.5m
2020 – PresentOwner (Habba, Madaio and Associates LLP)$5m+

American lawyer Alina Habba Net worth

  • Habba’s salary: While her exact salary is unknown, it’s likely substantial, considering her high-profile clientele and complex cases. Representing Donald Trump in various lawsuits would undoubtedly command significant fees.
  • Habba’s firm: Habba, Madaio & Associates LLP, her firm, reportedly has five employees and generated revenue approaching $900,000 in 2021. As the managing partner, Habba would likely have a significant share of the firm’s income.
  • Other assets and investments: Habba’s net worth may also include other assets like real estate, investments, and personal belongings.
BornMarch 25, 1984 (age 39)
Total Carers2005 – Present (18 years)
Total income in $ (avg)$30 million
Expanse70% of total income
Estimated Net worth$10 million+

Alina Habba Net worth History

While the exact figure remains elusive, Alina Habba’s net worth is likely in the millions, potentially exceeding $10 million. Her legal success, high-profile cases, and involvement in political organizations contribute significantly to her financial standing. However, without confirmed details about her income and assets, any estimate should be considered an approximation. Rajon Rondo Net worth, Properties, Age Career, Car Collection & More

Alina Habba Net worth in yearUSD
Alina Habba Net worth in 2024$10 million
Alina Habba Net worth in 2023$8.5 million
Alina Habba Net worth in 2022$7.0 million
Alina Habba Net worth in 2021$6.0 million
Alina Habba Net worth in 2020$5.0 million

Alina Habba Net worth Properties

Unfortunately, the information publicly available about Alina Habba’s personal life, including her properties, is limited. As a high-profile lawyer, she likely keeps her personal details private for security and privacy reasons. Additionally, due to ethical and legal considerations, lawyers are generally not allowed to disclose personal information about their clients, which could potentially include information about property ownership.

However, what I can tell you about Alina Habba is:

  • She is the Managing Partner of Habba Madaio & Associates LLP, a law firm based in Bedminster, New Jersey, with an office in New York City.
  • She specializes in various legal areas, including transactional real estate, business counseling, and family law.
  • She has a successful legal career, having served as lead counsel in several high-profile cases.
  • She is a licensed attorney in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

While I cannot provide information about Alina Habba’s specific properties, I hope this information about her professional background might be helpful.

Alina Habba Car Collection

Alina Habba’s personal car situation is a bit of a mystery. There are no definitive reports on what kind of car she drives on a daily basis.

However, there have been a couple of incidents involving her car that made headlines:

  • In October 2023, Habba’s car was broken into while she was parked outside her Bedminster, New Jersey law office. The thieves stole her purse and other belongings, but the car itself was not damaged.
  • In January 2024, Habba appeared in a YouTube video where she was seen driving a Range Rover. However, it is unclear if this is her personal car or a rental.

So, while we don’t know for sure what kind of car Alina Habba drives, we do know that she has been the victim of a car break-in and that she has been seen driving a Range Rover on at least one occasion.

Alina Habba Biography

NameAlina Habba
Full NameAlina Saad Habba
Date of BirthMarch 25, 1984
Place of BirthSummit, New Jersey, USA
ReligionChaldean Catholic
EducationKent Place School (2002), Lehigh University (B.A. Political Science, 2005), Widener University Commonwealth Law School (J.D., 2010)
SpecializationCriminal Trial and Disputes, Divorce and Family Law
Current FirmHabba, Madaio & Associates LLP (Managing Partner)
Notable ClientsFormer U.S. President Donald Trump (current), MAGA, Inc. (Senior Advisor)
Personal LifeMarried to Gregg Reuben (2020) 3 children

Early Life and Education

Alina Habba, along with her two siblings, was born in Summit, New Jersey to immigrant parents who fled religious persecution in Iraq in the early 1980s. Her father, Saad F. Habba, is a distinguished gastroenterologist. Alina graduated from Kent Place School in 2002 and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in political science from Lehigh University in 2005. After briefly venturing into the fashion industry, she decided to pursue a Juris Doctor degree from Widener University Commonwealth Law School, which she obtained in 2010.

American lawyer Alina Habba Net worth

Alina Habba Career

Law Career

Following her law school days, Habba began her legal career as a law clerk to Eugene J. Codey Jr. and eventually made her mark in private practice. From starting her own firm, Habba, Madaio and Associates LLP, to representing various clients and serving as general counsel for a parking garage company, her professional journey has been eventful. Notably, she has been licensed to practice law in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and has been involved in high-profile cases, including representing Siggy Flicker and Caesar DePaço in 2021.

Work as Trump Attorney


Habba’s involvement with the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey led to her association with Donald Trump. This collaboration, although marked by legal prowess, also attracted controversies. Her legal work on behalf of Trump, including representing him in cases involving The New York Times and Summer Zervos, stirred public attention.


As Habba firmly stood by Trump’s side in legal battles, her actions faced intense scrutiny. From lawsuits and appeals to facing sanctions, her legal strategies and public remarks garnered significant public and media interest. Notably, her representation of Trump in various high-stake cases against political figures and entities, and her predictions about the outcomes of these cases, made headlines. Her involvement in cases such as E. Jean Carroll v. Donald J. Trump further underlined her high-profile role in Trump’s legal affairs.

Alina Habba’s career stands as a testament to her legal acumen and her involvement in high-stakes legal battles, however, it has also been marked by controversies and public attention.

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