Anupama Yadav Biography: Bhojpuri Singing Career, Top Songs (2024 Update)

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Anupama Yadav, who lives in a small village, is earning name and fame in the Bhojpuri industry on the basis of her hard work. Anupama Yadav has become a superstar of Bhojpuri in today’s days, she has started settling in everyone’s heart with her new style, whose background was not from the singer field, yet she has created a new identity for herself in the Bhojpuri industry.

Anupama Yadav sang a song in the stage show Dil Na Lagai Hai, this song went viral so that people came to know Anupama Yadav and she started doing stage shows with big Bhojpuri singers like Khesari Lal Singh, Pawan Singh, Gunjan Singh. .

Anupama Yadav Biography

Brief introduction of Anupama Yadav, which is shown in front of you in the below table, which is as follows:

Full NameAnupama Yadav
Date of Birth05 January 2001
OccupationBhojpuri Singer, Youtuber, Instagram Star, Bhojpuri Stage Show
Birth PlaceGorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
Age23 Years old
Father’s Namena
Knowledge of LanguageHindi
Siblings NameApoorva Yadav
Income SourceBhojpuri Singer, Youtuber, Bhojpuri Stage Show
Annual Income3 lakhs/month

Brief information about Anupama Yadav

Anupama Yadav was born in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh, her education was singing songs in her early days as a girl studying in Saraswati Shiksha Vidyalaya Mandir, Gorakhpur. Initially, Anupama Yadav used to perform stage programs in different areas of Uttar Pradesh as an activist. Time kept passing slowly and kept moving forward with time.

In the year 2016, a time came in her life for which she was waiting for many years, she got an opportunity to sing in Bhojpuri and on stage program, the girl slowly set her foot in the Bhojpuri industry and sang more than 150 Hindi and Bhojpuri songs. Have worked in

Anupama Yadav’s Bhojpuri Singing Career

Anupama Yadav’s Bhojpuri singer’s career started 6 years ago today, she has sung songs with all the big singers of Bhojpuri whose names are Pawan Singh, Khesari Lal, Gujan Singh, Pramod Singh, Kallu and Samar Singh. etc. are included. Anupama mentions one of her very famous songs Dil Na Lagaiha in Bhojpuri stage show, which has given her a different identity in Bhojpuri industry.

In this way, gradually she has sung more than 150 stage shows continuously, in which her most popular song Pawan Singh’s Ek Le Lo Podina became very viral on YouTube and more than 300 million people have seen this song so far. And this song is the biggest hit song of Anupama Yadav’s life so far.

Anupama Yadav Bhojpuri 10 hit songs list

Anupama Yadav has sung many hit songs in Bhojpuri industry till now, but we are presenting you the list of Bhojpuri Hit Songs of Anupama Yadav which are as follows:

  1. Aa Jaihe 5 Ke
  2. Le La Pudeena
  3. Dil Na Lagaaha
  4. Saiya Ke Bangla
  5. Dulhe Ka Sahaara
  6. Ehi Khatir Ara Aile
  7. Pyaar Ko Taaras Goge
  8. Piya Dharela Jiya Darela
  9. Babuniya Naach Ke Dekhav
  10. New year Money Arrah Mai

Anupama Yadav Photo

Anupama Yadav

Controversy with Anupama Yadav

When any artist starts climbing the stairs of success, he has to face many controversies. Anupama Yadav has been a victim of many such controversies.

Anupama Yadav The photo of Anupama Yadav kissing a boy went viral, causing a lot of controversy in the Bhojpuri industry.

Anupama Yadav’s call record also went viral in which she was talking to her boyfriend, but Anupama Yadav said from this call record that it is not my or anyone else’s voice.

In the recent days, there was a big dispute between Anupama Yadav and Golu Raj on the stage show, after which Anupama Yadav came on her social media and kept all the things through her.

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