Are black bananas safe to eat?

black bananas

Are you contemplating tossing those bananas with brown or black spots because you believe they are spoiled or contaminated? Don’t. Without it, you’ll be losing out on a nutritional powerhouse that has health advantages you’ve probably never even heard of before.

The benefits of these fruits vary depending on the stage at which they are consumed and the methods by which the bananas have been kept fresh, as has been shown by research. Bananas that aren’t fully ripe, for example, are healthier for diabetics because the starch in them hasn’t yet been turned to sugar, according to Business Insider. According to Well and Good, ripe bananas, on the other hand, are a fantastic home cure for constipation because they contain soluble fibre, which promotes digestion.

Bananas with brown and black patches that are older and overripe are a different story. Those are the bananas that you should be aiming to consume the most. For starters, according to India Today, they are very high in antioxidants. According to Winkgo, they also help to cure heartburn, calm ulcers, prevent anaemia, ease period cramps and provide a slew of other health advantages. Oh, and did we mention that they also have the added benefit of preventing cancer thanks to a chemical known as TNF (tumour necrosis factor)?

How Black Bananas Aid in the Prevention of Cancer

Overripe bananas have a number of outstanding health benefits, one of which is the prevention of cancer. The way it works is as follows: Overripe bananas have turned their starches into sugars, making them sweeter and hence more suitable for preparing sweet delicacies such as banana bread and banana muffins. As a result, according to Business Insider, the chlorophyll in bananas degrades, resulting in the fruit becoming more antioxidant-rich as a result of the process. According to India Today, these antioxidants aid in the prevention or delay of cell damage in humans. TNF is produced in our systems as a reaction to the black spots on the banana. TNF is a chemical that destroys malignant or abnormal cells in our body.

Be advised, however, that eating black bananas may not always be a healthy choice. Life Hack advises against waiting for the banana to become entirely black before eating it since this indicates that the banana’s nutritious value has been diminished. If the bananas are mouldy, smell bad, or have a black core — a fungal ailment known as a black centre syndrome – do not consume them since they are contaminated. As The Whole Portion affirms, these are bananas that should be avoided at all costs. Aside from that, you may indulge in one of the most underappreciated nutrient sources you’re likely to encounter in your local grocery.

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