Bring Home Hero Velocity Electric Bike Today, Goes Up to 50 Kilometers for Only 3 Rupees

Hero Velocity Electric Bike

Hero Velocity Electric Bike: Hero is a renowned and popular company in India known for its excellent motorcycles and bicycles. Recently, the company has announced a new electric bike that runs on a battery. In this article, we will provide all the information about this electric bike.

Up to 50 Kilometers on a Single Charge

This is an excellent bike that can also be powered by a battery. It has a 10Ah lithium battery that enables it to run up to 50 kilometers and takes approximately 4-5 hours to charge. This bike can run at a speed of 35 kilometers per hour as it has a 200-watt BLDC motor.


  • Telescopic Suspension: Bid farewell to rough and bumpy rides. Our latest telescopic suspension makes every ride smooth and enjoyable.
  • LED Light: Ensure your journey is safe even in low light conditions. The powerful LED light allows you to ride safely at night.
  • Disc Brake: Allows the rider to apply minimal pressure on the lever to stop the bike.
  • Battery Indicator: Get all the necessary information with a stylish battery indicator.
  • Range: The Velocity Electric Bike provides pedal assistance and a range of up to 50 kilometers with a 10Ah battery pack.
Battery10Ah lithium battery
RangeUp to 50 kilometers on a single charge
Charging TimeApproximately 4-5 hours
Motor200-watt BLDC motor
SpeedUp to 35 kilometers per hour
SuspensionTelescopic Suspension
LightLED Light
BrakeDisc Brake
IndicatorBattery Indicator
ProsEnvironmentally Friendly, Cost-Efficient, Low Maintenance
ConsCharging Time, Speed Limit

How to buy Hero Velocity Electric Bike?

To purchase the Hero Velocity Electric Bike, you can visit the official Hero Electric website or locate a nearby authorized Hero Electric dealer. Once you have identified a convenient location, you can inquire about the availability, pricing, and any additional information regarding the purchase process. For a direct and hassle-free experience, consider reaching out to the official channels provided by Hero Electric for the most accurate and reliable information regarding the purchase of the Hero Velocity Electric Bike.

Pros of Hero Velocity Electric Cycle

  • Environmentally Friendly: The electric cycle produces zero emissions, making it an eco-friendly transportation option.
  • Cost-Efficient: With a cost of only 3 Rupees per 50 kilometers, the Hero Velocity Electric Cycle offers a highly economical mode of travel.
  • Low Maintenance: Electric cycles generally have fewer moving parts than traditional bikes, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Cons of Hero Velocity Electric Cycle

  • Charging Time: It takes approximately 4-5 hours to fully charge the electric cycle, which may not be ideal for those with urgent travel needs.
  • Speed Limit: With a maximum speed of 35 kilometers per hour, this electric cycle may not be suitable for those seeking higher speeds.

Overall, the Hero Velocity Electric Cycle provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for urban commuting and short-distance travel.

Better option from Hero Velocity Electric Cycle

When considering alternatives to the Hero Velocity Electric Bike, several competitors come to mind. Each of these rivals offers its own unique features and specifications, providing consumers with a diverse range of options in the electric bike market.

1. Ather Energy 450X

The Ather Energy 450X is a formidable contender in the electric bike segment, boasting a stylish design and advanced technology. With a significant focus on performance and innovation, the Ather Energy 450X offers a compelling alternative to the Hero Velocity Electric Bike.

Key Features

  • Impressive Range: The Ather Energy 450X has an extended range, making it suitable for longer commutes and travel.
  • High-Speed Charging: With fast-charging capabilities, this electric bike minimizes downtime and offers added convenience.
  • Smart Connectivity: Ather Energy 450X comes equipped with advanced connectivity features, enhancing the overall riding experience.

2. Revolt RV400

The Revolt RV400 is another notable rival to the Hero Velocity Electric Bike, distinguished by its modern design and customizable riding experience. With a focus on user-friendly features and performance, the Revolt RV400 presents a compelling option for potential buyers.

Key Features

  • Swappable Battery: Providing added convenience, the Revolt RV400 incorporates a swappable battery system for seamless charging.
  • AI-Enabled Technology: The electric bike utilizes artificial intelligence for predictive range and personalized riding metrics.
  • Stylish Design: Emphasizing contemporary aesthetics, the Revolt RV400 offers a sleek and modern appearance.

3. TVS iQube Electric

The TVS iQube Electric stands out as a competitive alternative to the Hero Velocity Electric Bike, offering a blend of practicality and efficiency. With a focus on urban mobility and technological integration, the TVS iQube Electric presents a compelling choice for discerning consumers. TVS X Smart Electric Scooter: Bringing an End to Ola’s Game with a 105 km Range

Key Features

  • Connected Mobility: TVS iQube Electric incorporates smart features for seamless connectivity and enhanced user experience.
  • Agile Performance: Designed for urban maneuverability, this electric bike delivers agile and responsive performance.
  • Contemporary Design: With a contemporary design language, the TVS iQube Electric exudes modern appeal and urban sophistication.

By considering these notable rivals, consumers can explore a diverse array of options in the electric bike market, each offering its own set of distinctive features and advantages.

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