Complete Review Of Le Creuset Doufeau

Le Creuset Doufeau

Quick Review

  • Material – Cast Iron
  • Brand – Le Creuset
  • Capacity – 6.9 Liters
  • Color – Flame
  • Finish Type -Enamel

Shape and Design


The handles on this Dutch oven are a little different from the handles on other ordinary Dutch ovens from Le Creuset. Other cookware companies like Lodge have flat and bigger handles than le Creuset Doufeu, which makes sense when comparing the two types. The handles of the Le Creuset Doufeu are barely wide enough to accommodate three fingers, but the lodge can accommodate four fingers with ease.

The handles on the lids of Le Creuset Doufeau are useful since they allow you to transfer the ice cubes more rapidly. In general, the grip of the handles is adequate for the task at hand.


When you purchase a le Creuset Doufeu, the lid will have a sort of plastic knob attached to it for convenience. The advantage of this is that it will stay cold even when taken out of the oven immediately after baking, or you can say that it will be tougher to cook than the remainder of the meal. However, you are provided with a metal knob straight out of the box, and you will not be required to pay an extra fee for it.


The Le Creuset Doufeu has a very unique design of lid that is easily identifiable. It has a great brown inside to match the pot’s interior, and you’ll be able to tell it’s simply a smooth dome because of the smooth surface. It is an extremely thin and lightweight cap. So, out of all of the Dutch ovens in the locker, choose the lightest one, and the lid will assist you in doing so. A distinctive lid with a depressed form rather than a dome shape, which allows for the storage of ice and water, is included in this model. As a result, the temperature of the lid will be adjusted. You’ll also notice little bumps on the inside of the lid, and these bumps are there to assist condensation from dripping back down onto your meal.


The base of the le Creuset Doufeu is finished in a seamless manner. Because of the smoothness of the surface, the heat dissipated swiftly while cooking. The foundation is appropriate for use with a wide range of heat sources, including gas, electric solid plate or radiant ring, vitro-ceramic glass, induction, and ovens powered by natural gas, oil, coal, or solid wood. The glass-like enamel cooking surface is very food safe due to its high food safety rating. It doesn’t discolour or absorb moisture, tastes, or scents like other materials do. It also makes dishwashing a lot less difficult.

What is the best way to clean?

When it comes to minor stains

  • Wait until the cookware has cooled down enough to handle it after it has finished cooking.
  • Although the Le Creuset Doufeu dishwasher is safe, manual cleaning has been shown to be superior. To clean it, use soap, water, soap, and a soft sponge to scrub it clean. Wash it well with warm water and pat it dry with a clean towel after washing.

For stains that are difficult to remove

A cookware cleanser made specifically for Le Creuset enamelled cast iron cookware may be used to remove difficult stains. Wash completely with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. Apply the same solution to the using a damp sponge and gently massage to remove any sticky stains or food particles.

What is the process of making a Le Creuset?

The Le Creuset Doufeu may be used in the same way as any other spherical or oval oven, but it offers performance advantages for slow cooking that are not found in other ovens. After some time has passed and moisture has begun to evaporate inside the Le Creuset Doufeu, the ice-filled lid forces this moisture to condense. Dimpling the flat interior of the top, specifically created dimples guide the moisture away from the food and back toward it. This self-basting action reduces the need to use more water while also ensuring that food remains moist, vitamins are not lost, and tastes are accentuated when cooking. Even after the ice has been melted, the self-basting behaviour remains consistent as long as the water contained inside the lid stays below the boiling point of water.

Procedural Steps in Manufacturing

Le Creuset Doufeu, the exquisitely enamelled cast iron cookware, is available in more than 60 countries throughout the globe, including the United States. It enables you to cook like a French chef while still looking fantastic while doing so. Consider that each product will be touched by 30 persons, starting with the most important and progressing through the break to the final item in its box. It all begins with their own blend of metals, which is a combination of pure and recycled iron, which is then transported to the furnace by use of a massive magnet. Finally, the metal pieces are placed in these cauldrons, where they are heated to roughly 1500 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature possible.

In the meanwhile, they are preparing the sand moulds for the casting process. In order to produce Le Creuset Doufeu, each mould is created separately inside a block of compacted sand. The moulds are then transported onto a conveyor and filled with red-hot liquid metal that has just been extruded from their respective moulds. The cast-iron pieces are agitated, allowing the sand that has been adhered to them to be released. The surfaces then become smoother with each successive step along the route. If these pots aren’t up to par right now, they’ll be subjected to an examination. After that, it’s back to the crucible of history. The newly cast pieces are sent through a machine that blasts them with grit, making the surface porous so that the enamel can be applied to them. The first layer is a primer that also acts as a rust preventative. After that, a coat of enamel is applied with the use of spray guns. A temperature of around 800 degrees Celsius is reached before the pots are fired. Once they’ve been baked, they’ll get one more layer of colourful enamel to make them seem more vibrant.

Advantages And Disadvantages


  • A large, heavy pot that is ideal for slow-cooking meals.
  • An enamel coating was applied to cast iron, creating a glass-like surface that evenly diffused heat.
  • Condensation is produced in the pot by the convex form of the lid, which may be filled with ice cubes.
  • It is suitable for use with any sort of heat source.
  • It helps nutrients and tastes to remain in the meal.
  • Warranty for the rest of your life


  • The cost is pretty expensive.
  • Even without eating, it was difficult to lift.
  • You may also learn about chiffon cake if you want to.


Cookware producer Le Creuset has established itself as a pioneer in the business. The firm was founded by two experts in the field of casting and enamelling, respectively. It’s no surprise that the firm has devoted itself to the production of enamelled cast iron cookware in a variety of rich, brilliant hues since 1925.

Le Creuset Doufeu is a company that specialises in multipurpose cookware. In terms of what you may cook in it, there are almost no restrictions. Several possibilities are available, such as roasting chicken, cooking a fondue, baking a cake, or making soup. There are several options. For those who like their food to remain moist and tasty, this is the finest choice available to them.

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