Condiments That Cause Stomach Fat And Bloating

Condiments That Cause Stomach Fat And Bloating

Examining your condiments more closely is one of the most effective steps you can take to improve the quality of the food you consume. Even while they may not appear dangerous at first glance, they might end up contributing a significant amount of sugar, salt, and calories to the food you eat if you are not cautious. In a similar vein, consuming your favorite meals in moderation but also paying attention to what you are putting into your body is possible by using condiments in a restrained manner.

In light of this information, continue reading to learn about the five condiments that should be eliminated from your diet since they contribute to abdominal fat and bloating.

Barbecue Sauce

According to Prevention, a serving of barbecue sauce containing 2 tablespoons has 12 grams of sugar, which means that you should avoid using this condiment whenever possible. Even though it could be wonderful, you should only use a little amount of this specific condiment even though you might like it (or reserve it for special occasions).

If you put a lot of barbecue sauce on your meal, you should try to bear in mind that you could be eating more sugar (and calories) than you intended to if this is the case.


Mayonnaise use on a daily basis may make it more challenging to achieve a calorie deficit, which is the only method to successfully lose weight.

If you add 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise to your dinner, you may be increasing the total number of calories by up to 200. In a similar vein, mayonnaise has the ability to transform almost any dish into a calorically dense and nutritionally deficient pleasure. If you want to use mayonnaise, you should absolutely limit how much you use or seek alternatives that are lower in calories.

Sweet Relish

In most cases, sweet pickle relish is not the uncomplicated nor the reasonably healthful condiment that its name suggests it should be. “Take a look at the ingredient list on most sweet relishes, and you will notice artificial coloring, preservatives, and plenty of sugar,” advises Aloha. “You will see these things.”

Keeping this in mind, you may want to give preparing this condiment at home a go in order to reduce the number of components that have been processed. Remember to follow this recipe exactly.

Szechuan Sauce

Another condiment that should be used in moderation due to the potential health risks is soy sauce. According to the information provided by Healthline, “Soy sauce has a significant amount of salt, which is related to an elevated risk of high blood pressure.”

Because eating an excessive amount of salt may also cause painful bloating, cutting down on the number of times you use this condiment is unquestionably a smart idea.


Given that ketchup contains a lot of sugar and salt, consuming excessive amounts of this condiment is definitely not the best option. Not to add, ketchup is often served with fast food and other unhealthy alternatives (for example, burgers and fries).

It is essential to use this condiment in moderation in order to maintain good health and prevent bloating from occurring.

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