Detective Forst Season 2 Might Be on the Way, Says Lead Actor

Detective Forst Season 2: Borys Szyc, the actor portraying the titular character in Netflix’s Detective Forst, hinted at the possibility of a second season for the Polish series. Szyc’s comments have sparked hope among fans, especially after the intense cliffhanger ending of the first season.

The conclusion of the inaugural season left viewers on the edge, as Forst grappled with the aftermath of failing to save multiple individuals from the Beast of Giewont. The revelation of a betrayal by journalist Olga Szrebska added another layer of complexity, leaving Forst’s fate uncertain as the season drew to a close.

Detective Forst Season 2

In an interview with Dziennik, Borys Szyc expressed his intrigue in flawed characters, emphasizing his preference for on-screen personas facing internal conflicts. This sentiment was echoed when Szyc discussed the incompleteness of Forst’s depiction in the first season, suggesting that the initial six episodes merely scratched the surface of the character’s intricate storyline.

Szyc elaborated on the essential elements surrounding Forst, highlighting the character’s status as a police outlaw and his avoidance of confronting his own past. These insights into Forst’s psyche hint at the rich storytelling potential for a hypothetical second season.

What Lies Ahead

Considering the depth of Forst’s character, a potential Season 2 could delve into his personal history and pivotal life events, shedding light on unexplored aspects of his persona. Moreover, with the show being based on the Forst books by Remigiusz Mroz, there is the prospect of Season 2 covering the content from Books 3 and 4, namely Trawers and Deniwelacja.

Book 3, Trawers, presents Forst with a murder mystery in the Red Wierchy, adding new layers of complexity to his journey. On the other hand, Deniwelacja, the fourth book, unfolds the narrative of Forst as a commissioner and unravels a compelling murder mystery in Zakopane. These potential storylines offer a captivating continuation for the series, building upon the groundwork laid in the first season.

With lingering questions regarding Olga’s betrayal and the looming specter of imprisonment, a prospective Season 2 of Detective Forst holds the promise of gripping storytelling and further character development.