Dosa Seller’s Viral Video Sparks Controversy ‘I have less education but still earned more’

Dosa Seller’s Viral Video Sparks Controversy: A video of a dosa seller is going viral on social media. In the video, he is holding Amul butter and saying, “This is Amul, right? Look, sir, I am educated, that’s why I am earning more. Otherwise, I would also be working a job for 30-40 thousand rupees.” This video is making fun of people in professional careers and is getting a lot of attention on social media. Unveil the Adorable World of Red Panda Viral Video Will Melt Your Heart!

Dosa Seller’s Viral Video Sparks Controversy

A video of a dosa seller has gone viral on social media where he is seen flaunting Amul butter and making a statement about education and earnings. In the video, the vendor sarcastically remarks, “This is Amul, isn’t it? See, I earn more because I am less educated. Otherwise, I would also be doing a job worth 30-40 thousand rupees.” This mockery aimed at professionals has sparked a frenzy online.

In many countries, educated individuals often struggle to secure decent government jobs and settle for low-paying positions in private companies. However, the dosa seller, known as the “Dosa Master,” shared his perspective, stating, “In this world, earning money is an art that not everyone possesses. Many people aspire to earn well if they study hard, but getting a job is challenging. This is the reality I portrayed in the video,” emphasizing the difficulties of job hunting despite a good education.

A prominent Twitter user, Ashman Kumar Larokar, posted the video, leading to widespread shock and a flurry of comments. Netizens have expressed admiration for the vendor’s subtle yet profound statements. Some have commented, “His words carry deep meanings. He articulates the struggles of educated individuals very delicately,” while others have praised his clarity, stating, “He conveys a significant message that earning from a job doesn’t assure contentment financially. Engaging in business has its own advantages.” Aryna Sabalenka Viral Dance Video: You Won’t Believe What Happened Next…

The video has shed light on the life of the street vendor as he humbly claims to easily earn 75 thousand rupees per month. This revelation has captivated numerous individuals, leading to the widespread circulation of the video.