Smart Meter: Why are people scared of Prepaid Meter (How do prepaid smart meters work?)

What is Prepaid Smart Meter Prepaid Smart Meter Scheme – The government aims to install prepaid smart meters in everyone’s homes. Since then the question must have arisen in everyone’s mind that what is this prepaid smart meter? Actually, friends, this meter will be prepaid as the name itself suggests. That means money has to be paid first. And it will be through recharge.

You can pay SBPDCL electricity bill through mobile app, UPI application, third party application or internet banking etc. from SBPDCL bill payment through official website. let’s know in detail

What is Prepaid Smart Meter?

Friends, this meter will be prepaid as the name itself suggests. That means money has to be paid first. It has to be recharged just like a mobile phone. As soon as the recharge is over, the power of the house will be automatically switched off. As soon as this happens, a message will be sent to the electricity consumer, so that he can recharge his meter again and the electricity can be restarted.

Why are people scared of prepaid smart meters?

Most of the people think that as soon as my recharged money runs out, the power will be cut off. But friends, it is not at all like this if you get postpaid instead of prepaid.

Prepaid Meter – First we have to put money in it, then we use that much money for electricity, after that there is a power failure.

Postpaid meter – It has all the features of prepaid meter. But every month the bill will come according to the expenses. Electricity will not be cut, as soon as the month is over, in the next month, every day, according to the electricity expenditure, a bill will come once a month, which can be easily paid online by yourself or from any local shopkeeper.

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How do prepaid smart meters work?

A prepaid smart meter consists of a device that transmits signals through mobile towers around us to receivers installed in power companies. This makes it possible to monitor meter readings from the offices of power companies.

Not only this. You will also get the facility to connect to prepaid smart meter app. All you have to do is download this one app, which is easily available on Google Play Store. Through this app, you will be able to monitor the meter from your mobile. Power consumption readings can be accessed on the app.

Along with this, the app will also alert you whether the meter is running fast or slow. Even if there is a mistake somewhere, its information can be found easily. This will remove that defect. Along with this, the electricity department will also be able to keep an eye on electricity theft.

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What are the benefits of Prepaid Smart Meter?

There are many advantages of prepaid smart meter plan. We will tell you about these benefits in detail. It’s like this-

The more the consumer recharges, the more electricity he will be able to consume. There will be no possibility of being called a power defaulter as before.

The problem of any kind of tampering with prepaid smart meter also ends. If someone does this, an alert message is sent to the department and action is taken against the concerned consumer.

If the electricity bill does not come, then there will be no need to go to the electricity center to pay it.

No need for manual meter reading means electrician will not need to come home to take readings.

The staff can easily calculate the power consumption of each household through the software from the station itself.

The possibility of any kind of disturbance will also be reduced due to which people will not be able to consume electricity directly in their homes by cutting the electric wires. Along with this, error during meter reading will also get rid of the problem of sending bills.

Smart meters save electricity. The more the consumer recharges, the more electricity he consumes. So, there is no scope for excessive power consumption.

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Prepaid Smart Meter

Consumers can know the current balance electricity bill, current balance amount of electricity and the amount of electricity consumed in the last month through the display screen on the smart meter, giving them an idea of their electricity consumption.

The smart meter automatically uses the alarm. when electricity is used. It will automatically alarm when the power load in the resident’s house is high, reminding the residents to reduce the power load or recharge in time.

Smart meter recharge i.e. electricity payment is quick and easy. There are many online paytm phonepe applications providing electricity recharging and payment services.

It is believed that due to the entry of many companies in the power sector, there will be performance pressure on every power company. There will be competition among them to provide good service at affordable rates, which will directly benefit the customers.

What are the disadvantages of installing prepaid smart meters?

For example, whose economic condition is not good. If they do not have money to recharge electricity, then a large section will be forced to live in darkness. Some also argue that the entry of private companies in this sector will definitely improve the service, but it will also encourage their arbitrariness.

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SBPDCL bill payment through official website

You can pay your electricity bill through the official website Here you can avail a 2.5% discount on full payment within the due date.

Open the official website in the browser (Chrome, Firefox). Now click on “Click here for Prepaid Meter Online Recharge”. Now you will be directed to another page (Quick Bill Payment). Enter your CA number here. And click on submit button.

Now here you will see two options, Pay Bill and View Bill. You can download and view the bill by clicking on View Bill.

Pay Bill – To pay the bill, enter the mobile number. The amount will automatically be the same as the total amount. But you can change the amount and pay whatever amount you want.

After selecting the payment option BillDesk, PayU or HDFCPG, click on Confirm payment. After this again, a confirmation will be asked. Then click on Pay Now and follow the instructions that will complete your payment.

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Mobile App for Electricity Bill Payment

Bihar Bijli Bill Pay (BBBP) is the official mobile app of SBPDCL for electricity bill payment. You can download the app from Play Store by searching BBBP in Play Store. If you pay within the due date, you can avail a discount of 2.5% on full payment.

After installing the app you will see a pop-up asking for permission to access media files on your device. Allow

Interface of Electricity Bill App There are four options available here.

  • Instant Bill Payment – Through this option, you can pay your bill.
  • Bill details and bill payment – You can also make bill payments through this option. And apart from this, you can also download the latest bills and payment receipts.
  • FAQs – Here you can read app related questions.
  • Contact Us – Address of the Company Headquarters and Toll-free Number-1912.

You should choose the option to pay the electricity bill through “Bill Details & Bill Payment” and not through “Tatkal Bill Pay”.

After clicking on Bill Details and Bill Payment option, here you need to enter your Consumer ID or CA Number. Next, when you click on verify, you will see your connection details like name, address etc. Now enter your mobile number and email id (optional) then click on save. After that, you will see a pop-up. User added successfully!

User added successfully!! After you OK the pop-up, you will be back on the home screen. Now again click on “Bill Details & Bill Payment” option. Now here the user has been successfully added!

Tap on the consumer ID to view the bill and bill payment options. Here you see the basic details of the consumer and the amount due.

You can see three options in Bill Summary:

  • View / Download Bill– From this option you can view and download your latest bill
  • View / Download Receipt– From here you can view and download your final receipt.
  • Pay Bill– This is the main point which is an option for SBPDCL bill payment through the app.

Now again click on pay bill option it will show your details and amount to be paid.

After that, you have to choose the online payment option from the list. There are multiple payment options available in the form of credit card, debit card, internet banking, UPI, etc. Choose your convenient method and make SBPDCL Bijali Bill Online Payment. Payment will be completed.

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