Erin Buku Unveils Music Video for Neo-Soul Single “Ley Lines”

Erin Buku: A Rising Artist – Erin Buku is gaining attention with her unique sound. Her latest track, “Ley Lines,” explores energy pathways and features stunning visuals of nature. With her upcoming album and performance at WOMADelaide 2024, now’s the time to experience her captivating music firsthand.

Erin Buku Unveils Music Video for Neo-Soul Single “Ley Lines”

ArtistErin Buku
Musical StylesNeo-Soul, Lo-Fi, R&B, UK Broken Beat
Artistic ExpertiseSinger, Songwriter, Producer, DJ
Latest Single“Ley Lines”
Single DescriptionExplores the concept of energy currents running through the earth and its people, known as song lines by indigenous cultures
Music Video ThemesNature, interconnectedness of land and sea, immersion in diverse landscapes
Vocal StyleCaptivating vocals with elements of restraint and purpose, akin to Jorja Smith and noname
MusicalityCharacterized by rich beats, percussion, resounding brass, and velvety harmonies
Upcoming PerformancesWOMADelaide 2024
Future EndeavorsAnticipated album release and continued success in the music industry

Adelaide-based multifaceted artist Erin Buku introduces her ethereal new single, “Ley Lines,” accompanied by an evocative music video.

Erin Buku, known for her prowess as a singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ, has been making waves with her diverse blend of musical styles, attracting international recognition for her debut EP.

Her latest offering, “Ley Lines,” delves into the realm of lo-fi neo-soul, exploring the concept of energy currents that traverse the earth and its inhabitants, known as song lines by indigenous cultures.

This theme of connection resonates throughout the track, conjuring imagery of nature that is visually explored in the accompanying video. Viewers are taken on a journey with Erin as she wanders through forests, lush green expanses, and majestic mountain landscapes.

With her captivating vocals, Buku skillfully intertwines elements of restraint and purpose, showcasing her vocal dexterity akin to the likes of Jorja Smith and noname. She seamlessly integrates herself into the natural surroundings, echoing the seamless way she navigates through her music.

The music video endeavors to depict the interconnectedness of land and sea, placing Erin Buku and her artistry at the heart of this narrative.

“Ley Lines” exudes an intense energy, characterized by rich beats, percussion, and resounding brass, all complementing Buku’s velvety harmonies. The track possesses a hypnotic quality, mirrored by recurring scenes of Buku immersed in diverse landscapes.

Buku’s vocals emanate strength, drawing inspiration from the very essence of Mother Nature herself.

Infusing boombap production with influences from R&B to UK broken beat, Buku’s musical artistry shines through, seamlessly traversing various sonic landscapes. “Ley Lines” serves as a tantalizing preview of Buku’s upcoming album and her anticipated performance at

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this captivating artist live, as she is undoubtedly destined for boundless success.