Expected Launch Date, Engine Specifications, and Price for the 2024 Honda Grom 125

Expected Launch Date, Engine Specifications, and Price for the 2024 Honda Grom 125

Honda Grom 125 Launch Date in India, Engine, Specifications, and Expected Price: Honda is gearing up to introduce a bike with a stunning design to the Indian market in 2024. The impending launch of the 2024 Honda Grom 125 is anticipated to draw substantial attention with its remarkable features and competitive pricing, making it a compelling option for riders in India. Equipped with single-channel ABS and suitable for long rides, this bike is expected to make a significant impact in the Indian motorcycle market.

Sleek Design and Noteworthy Dimensions

The 2024 Honda Grom 125 showcases a striking design, featuring a sleek LED headlight and LED tail lights that contribute to its impressive aesthetic appeal. With dimensions measuring 1,760 mm in length, 1,015 mm in height, and 720 mm in width, as well as a 1,200 mm wheelbase and 180 mm ground clearance, the bike is designed to deliver both performance and style. Weighing in at 103 kg, these specifications further enhance its agility and maneuverability.

Expected Price Range

As of now, Honda has not revealed the official price of the 2024 Honda Grom 125 in India. Various media reports suggest that the price is likely to fall in the range of ₹80,000 to ₹1,00,000, emphasizing the affordability of this model. However, obtaining precise pricing details has proven to be challenging due to Honda’s withholding of specific information. Stay updated for more details on the price and anticipated launch date of the 2024 Honda Grom 125.

Envisioned Launch Date in India

While no official confirmation has been provided by Honda regarding the launch date, industry sources indicate that the bike could potentially make its debut in 2025. Although the launch date is subject to change, the relatively low price point coupled with the bike’s stylish design make it an eagerly awaited prospect for Indian consumers.

Notable Features and Superior Specifications

The 2024 Honda Grom 125 is set to offer a range of modern features, including two USB sockets, a seat bag, saddlebag, LED headlights, taillights, and digital LCD instruments. It will also come equipped with an anti-lock braking system featuring single-channel ABS, a front brake disc, and a rear brake with a disc. Moreover, the bike is expected to deliver impressive fuel efficiency, estimated at 67.8 km/liter.

Engine Power and Mileage

Powered by a 124.9cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine, the 2024 Honda Grom 125 is projected to deliver 9.65 bhp of power and 10.5 Nm of torque, complemented by a 5-speed gearbox. In terms of color options, the bike will be available in Pearl Horizon White, Matte Gunpowder, and Black Metallic, catering to diverse preferences. It is anticipated to offer a notable mileage of 67.8 km/liter, making it an economical choice for riders.

Advantages and Considerations


  • Striking Design: The bike features a sleek and captivating design, highlighted by its LED lights, creating a lasting impression on the road.
  • Fuel Efficiency: With an anticipated mileage of 67.8 km/liter, the 2024 Honda Grom 125 is expected to offer a cost-effective solution for daily commuting.
  • City Maneuverability: Its compact dimensions and nimble handling make it well-suited for navigating through city streets and traffic.
  • Modern Features: Equipped with user-friendly amenities such as USB sockets, seat bag, saddlebag, and digital instruments, enhancing the overall riding experience.


  • Power Limitation: The 124.9cc engine’s output of 9.65 bhp may not satisfy riders seeking high performance.
  • Pricing Uncertainty: The undisclosed price may pose challenges for prospective buyers in making informed decisions.
  • Delayed Launch: The postponed launch to 2025 may disappoint eager customers awaiting the bike’s arrival.

2024 Honda Grom 125 Rival Models

Potential competitors to the 2024 Honda Grom 125 include the Kawasaki Z125 Pro, Suzuki VanVan 200, KTM 125 Duke, Yamaha MT-125, and Benelli TNT 135. Each of these models offers unique characteristics and appeals to riders with diverse preferences and needs, providing an array of alternatives in the small-displacement segment.

These models present various options for riders to consider based on their individual riding styles and preferences, offering a range of features and capabilities to cater to different demands.

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