G Flip Net Worth in 2024: Musical Career, Relationship with Chrishell Stause, and More

G Flip Net Worth

G Flip, a charismatic performer and songwriter, commands a substantial following in the music realm. Their unique style and captivating performances have endeared them to countless fans. This piece delves into G Flip’s upbringing, music career, financial standing, and the defining moments that propelled them to stardom.

G Flip: A Profile Overview

Name:G Flip
Full Name:Georgia Claire Flipo
Date of Birth:September 22, 1993
Place of Birth:St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia
Genres:Pop, Indie-pop
Marital Status:Married
Spouse:Chrishell Stause
Net Worth:$7 million

In 2019, Georgia Claire Flipo, known as G Flip, captured the music world’s imagination. Hailing from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, they not only dominated the charts with tracks like “About You,” “Killing My Time,” and “Bring Me Home,” but also garnered attention for their personal life, especially after making waves in the USA.

By 2022, their private life became a topic of widespread discussion. G Flip and Chrishell’s relationship gained traction after Chrishell starred as G Flip’s love interest in a music video for Selling Sunset. The couple announced their romantic involvement and subsequent marriage via Instagram in May 2023. This news wasn’t entirely surprising to fans, who had been following the couple’s journey on social media platforms.

G Flip’s Early Life and Background

Georgia Flipo, a.k.a. G Flip, developed a deep passion for music at a young age while growing up in Melbourne, Australia. Surrounded by love and support from her family, she found herself influenced by a diverse range of musical genres and artists, which significantly shaped her journey as a musician.

Entry into the Music Industry

G Flip’s foray into the music industry began with writing and producing songs. Although it presented challenges initially, G Flip persisted and eventually caught the attention of key figures in the music business, leading to promising opportunities.

Career Milestones

Throughout their career, G Flip has achieved notable milestones, releasing widely acclaimed albums, EPs, and singles that have resonated globally. Each new composition by G Flip reflects their versatility as an artist and their consistent growth. Critics routinely laud their music, while fans remain steadfast in their support.

Musical Odyssey

At the age of 9, G Flip’s musical talent began to blossom, with the drums becoming their instrument of choice. Their musical journey was kick-started when they received a small blue drum set from their uncle. This thoughtful gesture deeply moved G Flip and served as a pivotal moment that sparked their ambition to become a music sensation. Over time, G Flip’s talent flourished, earning them recognition as one of Melbourne’s emerging musicians. Serving as the lead drummer for the band EMPRA, G Flip also sustained themselves by teaching drumming to students in between gigs.

In 2016, G Flip took a bold leap into a solo career. They chronicled spending countless hours alone in their bedroom composing and producing music. Their perseverance paid off with the release of their debut single, “About You,” marking the commencement of G Flip’s solo journey and solidifying the belief in their talent and passion among fans.

Sexual Orientation

G Flip identifies as non-binary, transcending traditional gender categorizations and preferring the use of “they/them” pronouns. In April 23, G Flip publicly came out as non-binary, drawing an analogy: “I think strawberries were girls and blueberries were boys, and you could mix them in a blender, you’d get a gender smoothie. I am a gender smoothie.” They emphasized that non-binary experiences vary for each individual, portraying it as a blend of multiple genders, akin to a blueberry and strawberry smoothie.

G Flip Net Worth

As a gifted musician and songwriter, G Flip has amassed a net worth estimated at $5-7 million. Their substantial following on platforms like Instagram, with over 348,000 followers, contributes significantly to their earnings. Their active participation in tours likely further bolsters their income. With hit tracks such as “About You” and “Killing My Time,” G Flip has established a strong financial foothold in the music industry. Their sustained popularity and critical acclaim bode well for continued financial growth in the years to come.

Involvement in Bands

Prior to embarking on a solo career, G Flip was a member of Melbourne-based band EMPRA, serving as the drummer until the band disbanded in 2016. During this period, they also supplemented their income by teaching drumming to students. In February 2018, G Flip reflected on a year brimming with musical experiences, paving the way for their transition from a band dynamic to independent music creation.

G Flip’s decision to forge their path as a solo artist was a courageous one, allowing them to serve as the sole producer and creator of their music. While daunting, this move enabled G Flip to fully showcase their vocal prowess and creativity.


G Flip has garnered a dedicated following across continents and has received numerous accolades for their contributions to music. A mere year into their solo career, G Flip received three ARIA Award nominations for their debut project “About You” – Australia’s equivalent of the Grammys. Notably, they received nominations in the categories of breakthrough artist, independent album release, and best video for their single “Drink Too Much”.

In May 2023, G Flip excitedly announced headlining a tour encompassing 24 cities in the United States and Canada, underscoring their determination to leave an indelible mark on these regions’ music scene. Fans expressed eagerness to witness Chrishell, G Flip’s spouse, at various tour stops, a testament to the couple’s substantial fan base and joint influence.

G Flip and Chrishell Stause

In a Las Vegas wedding chapel, G Flip and Stause exchanged vows in May 2023, officiated by an Elvis impersonator. Their romantic connection began at a Halloween party in October 2021 and blossomed the following year, following Chrishell’s separation from Selling Sunset co-star Jason Oppenheim. Stause, an American actress, TV personality, and real estate agent, made her career debut as Amanda Dillon in the ABC soap opera All My Children.

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