Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog: Learn How to Add it to Google Search Console!

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Get Found on Google: The Must-Have Step to Adding Your Blog to Search Console! How to connect Blog to Google and after how many days you can connect your Blog to Google Search Console, today you will get answers to all these questions in this post. Friends, when a new blogger creates a blog or website, he does not even know that he has to add his blog or website to Google Search Console.

Let me tell you that I have two blogs which are not linked to Google Search Console. Still, it comes in the search result. One reason for this is that my domain was purchased from the website “Google Domains”. Or another way is in WordPress Settings > Reading > Search Engine Visibility. It is automatically triggered and sends data to all search engines for indexing. Without adding it to Google Search Console.

New bloggers who have just started a blog should understand whether their blog is really coming in Search Results or not. If not coming then this post “How to add your blog to Google Search Console 2023?” After reading you will understand.

Friends, Google is the world’s largest search engine and when someone creates a blog, its aim is that people from all over the world read his blog. How can someone read when your site does not appear in the search result, for this you have to add your site to Google Search Console, so that anyone from any corner of the world can read your blog by searching in Google.

After how many days can add to Google Search Console?

No day matters to add Blog to Google Search Console, if you want, you can create a Blog today and add it to Google Search Console. Or add it even after 1 month, 1 year, no problem, there is no such rule of Google that only after so many days you will be able to add your blog to Google Search Sonsole.

The longer you delay, the more your time will be wasted, but it does not mean that today you have created a blog, today you have added it to Google Search Console, you can add it if you want, but it will not be beneficial. It would be better when you write some 5 to 6 posts and create required pages, add table of contents, then add your blog to Google Search Console and also submit sitemap of blog, so let’s know now.

How to add your blog to Google Search Console?

Friends, I am telling some steps below which is very important, especially to monitor your site and submit the sitemap of your blog, you have to do this.

1️⃣Type and search Google Search Console in any of your browser or you can go to Google Search Console site by clicking on this link.

2️⃣Now click on Welcome to the Google Search Console in the search result.

3️⃣Now you have to login with email id. It is not necessary that the email id with which the blog is created should be the same. But if your blog is on Blogger, then log in to Google Search Console with the same ID with which you have created the blog.

4️⃣After login, you will see the option of “ADD A PROPERTY” on the right side, you have to click on it.

As soon as you click on “ADD A PROPERTY”. Here you see two options namely – “Domain” and “URL Prefix”. Now let’s know about these two.

Domain newURL prefix
All URLs across all subdomains (m., www)Only URLs under entered address
All URLs across https or httpOnly URLs under specified protocol
Requires DNS verificationAllows multiple verification methods
In this you can submit your domain directly to Google Search Console by filling “”. Here I have bought domain from “Google Domains” website so I don’t need DNS verification. If you have bought domain from Godaddy then DNS verification will be required.In this you can submit your domain to Google Search Console by typing “” instead of typing “” and clicking on Continue. In this you do not need DNS verification. Directly you can write proper URL of your website like- “” Now you can submit it to google search console by clicking on continue.
How do I add a blog to Google search console?

Now copy the URL of your blog and paste it here and click on “Add”.

5️⃣By doing this, Ownership of your blog will be confirmed on the next page if your blog is on Blogger.

6️⃣If your blog is on WordPress, you can download the HTML file and upload it to your server, or you can also verify using the “Alternate Method”. Or the easiest way is to add html tag to Rankmath Seo Plugin in WordPress Blog and then Verify, in this way your site will be verified.

7️⃣Now in the next step you have to submit Sitemap.

So now you must have understood how to add your blog to Google Search Console? Let us now know how to submit Blog Sitemap to Google Search Console.

How to submit sitemap of your blog?

If you are a new blogger, then you would not know about sitemap, then first of all let me tell you what is sitemap, then sitemap is a link to all the posts of your blog or website which is also called Permalink. This is an XML file. Which includes links to all your blog posts, which helps Google to reach all your blog posts.

How to check whether my blog has a sitemap or not?

To check whether your blog’s sitemap is created or not, open your blog in the browser and add sitemap_index.xml or sitemap.xml at the end of your blog’s URL and hit enter. In the page that opens, a link to your blog post and category etc. will appear. Like my blog’s sitemap url is –”

Once your blog is verified, now you need to go to the Sitemap page and copy the URL.

Now here i.e. in the search console, you will see an option of “ADD SITEMAP” on the right side, click on it.

Now here you have to type the sitemap address of your blog or copy and paste the sitemap URL of your blog and click on the option of “Submit”.

By doing this the Sitemap of your blog is submitted. But google search console takes some time, once all the pages are indexed you will be able to see them in google search.

Conclusion:- How to add your blog to Google Search Console

Friends, this was the way to add your blog to Google Search Console, so friends, I hope that all the questions asked by all of you would have been answered in this post. “How do I add a blog to Google Search Console?” “After how many days you can add your blog to Google Search Console” and “How to submit your blog’s sitemap.” If you like this post then share it with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp social media.

FAQs – How do I add a blog to Google Search Console?

How to add sitemap in Google Search Console?

For this you have a blog whose site map is made. Now you can add site map by verifying the site in Google Search Console.

How do I index my blog in Google Search Console?

Friends, to bring your blog to Google search, first you have to add your blog to Google Search Console, when your blog starts getting indexed in Google then it will appear in Google search.

How do I add a blog to Google search console?

Open or login in Search Console page > Select + Add Property on the dropdown. Any URL with a URL-prefix property and starting with your prefix will be included in your property.