Post Index Issue: How do I index my blog fast? (Google Instant Indexing API 2024 Update)

Google Instant Indexing API
Google Instant Indexing API

Google Instant Indexing API: If you are troubled by the Indexing Problem of your New Blog Website, then this post is for you, in which we will tell you How do I index my blog fast in Google, so that your post will be indexed and ranked immediately. Here I will not tell you any fake method, but based on my 5 years of blogging experience, I will tell you the very real method, which I apply on my own blog and get my blog post indexed.

There are many ways to overcome this Indexing Problem, by adopting which you can get your Blog Post indexed immediately within 1 minute, as well as you can rank it in Google as soon as you index it, for this you can complete this Post Blog Read.

There are many ways to index your blog post faster in google, mainly setting up your blog properly, request indexing, google instant indexing api, google news, blog post sitemap etc. I can get it indexable immediately. These are all Google’s tools which will remove all your Indexing Problems forever, so let us now know how to use all these methods.

Correct setting of your blog

Whenever we talk about Blog Post Indexing Problem, the biggest problem here is our blog itself, which prevents the post from being indexed if the setting is not correct. This problem can happen in any blog, whether your blog is built on WordPress or not. Be it on Blogger or any other blogging platform.

But in this post, we will specifically talk about the Indexing Problem of WordPress Blog, so along with creating Wordoress Blog, you will also have to do its correct setting in which you will have to pay special attention to the following things which are as follows.

Use the right theme on your blog as sometimes themes can create indexing issues.

You do not need to “No Index” the post anywhere in the blog. Robot TXT etc should be correct.

Submit blog properly to Google Search Console, especially sitemap submission

Write a good blog post, try to write on Trending Topic, in which even 1% is not copy pasted from anywhere. How to increase website PageRank

How do I index my blog fast?

When you have done the complete setting of the blog and published it by writing a blog post, then you can do Request Indexing to index this post quickly in Google, so that your post will be indexed quickly. This method is suggested by Google, in which Google has given an option of URL Indexing inside its Webmaster Tool, where you can search the URL of your post and do Request Indexing, which is as follows.

Step 1. First of all you have to open your Google Search Console.

Step 2. Now you will see an option of search, then search by entering the URL of your post here.

Step 3. When you search URL here, you will know whether this URL is Indexed or not, if it is not Indexed then check with “Test Live URL”.

Step 4. Now you have to click on the option of “Test Live URL”.

Note – After doing Test Live URL, if there is an error in the post, then first remove that error, then do Request Indexing, otherwise your post will not be indexed.

Step 5. When you click on the text Live URL, the live status of your URL appears.

Step 6. Now you will click on “Request Indexing” after which your post will be indexed within 24 hours. What is Page Experience in Google, How to Fix it

Google Instant Indexing API

Friends Instant Indexing API is a tool of Google which helps in indexing your post quickly but this API is used by plugin in WordPress blog so I will tell you the method of WordPress blog for which you have to add WordPress in your WordPress blog. has to be added.

Instant Indexing Plugin has to be installed which is a plugin of Rank Math. After this you have to use Instant Indexing API by visiting Google Cloud Console website, in which you have to create an account here and install Instant Indexing Plugin, you will get the complete method in this post or Below Video. (Get Google To Index Your Website Instantly Using the Indexing API ( After you complete this setting, anyone who publishes or updates your post will be indexed immediately.

How do I index my blog fast? Google Instant Indexing API 2024

How to get indexed by Google News

Using Google News, you can index and rank your post immediately, but to use this Google News, first you have to take Approval from Google News, which also has some terms and conditions. Because Google News does not even give Approval to all Blogs, especially on Affiliate Blog, Approval will not be available at all.

Here you only have to work hard to get Approval, as soon as you get Approval, your post will start getting indexed faster, if you want to index and rank your post in Google within 1 minute, then use this method.

First submit your blog details at

Wait for approval from Google News. If the approval is not received then the reason will be sent to your mail.

After getting approval, now publish any of your blog posts.

Now you need to refresh the feed of Google News by login to Google News account.

Now search your post in google and see that it will be indexed as well as ranking.

Things to keep in mind in Google Fast Indexing

Whatever method we have mentioned here is 100% real, using which you can index your post immediately, but for this there are some important things that you have to keep in mind and also use Google News or Indexing API. .

Because Google News is the only method that publishes your post as well as gets Index and Rank done, but Google News will not approve all blog websites, so you can use this method so that your post will be published in a minute. Will be published. will be published.

Publish your Blog Post at a certain time so that Google’s bot can index your post on time.

Pay attention to the internal linking of your blog post, in which you have to link new post to old post and old post to new post.

After publishing your post, submit its URL to a Pings website so that your post gets indexed quickly.

Your post gets indexed faster than social media sharing, so share the post as much as possible.

You have to focus on making some good Quality Backlinks, which will solve your Indexing problem forever because it builds the authority of your site.

Blog post indexing problems

If there is any such deficiency in your blog or blog post due to which Google is not able to access your post then there will be Indexing problem in which No Index Mark, Theme problem, Sitemap problem, Site down problem, Robot TXT block problem etc.

Conclusion – How to make Blog Post Fast in Google 2022

Friends, this was some information about Indexing of Blog Post, in which we have told about (How do I index my blog fast?) how to index Blog Post from Google News, Instant Indexing API, Request Indexing etc. which you can use to index your post.

I hope this information has been useful for you, in which you have got this complete information about Blog Post Fast Index, how did you like this information, please tell in the comment section and also share this post. So that more and more people can read this post.

FAQs – How do I index my blog fast?

How long does it take Google to index a new blog post?

After you post a new page it takes some time to crawl, and it also depends on your post eg- news post gets indexed instantly i.e. in a minute.

How do I speed up Google indexing?

Make sure your site is filled with unique, high-quality content. Your site complies with the webmaster guidelines. Always write articles on latest topics.

How can I get a new blog post indexed on Google?

Go to Google Search Console. > Navigate to URL Inspection Tool. > Paste the URL you want Google to index in the search bar. > Wait for Google to check the URL. > Click on the “Request Index” button.