Stop Wasting Your Money on Bad Hosting! Learn How to Buy Best Hosting for Blog!

How to Buy Best Hosting for Your Blog: New bloggers often struggle with choosing the best hosting. With thousands of hosting companies online, it can be difficult to decide which one to choose. In this post, we will explore detailed tips on how to buy good hosting.

When new bloggers start a blog, they have to pick a good hosting provider from many available options. It’s tough for them to figure out which ones are reliable. So, they often choose cheap hosting options at a low price. But these inexpensive services can cause more problems at the beginning because they often have downtime.

When starting a new blog, it’s important to publish lots of content and improve your blog’s SEO to get a higher ranking and more traffic. But if your hosting keeps going down, all your hard work will be wasted. You may have to spend money on a new hosting provider, lose time for several days, and switch from one hosting to another.

In today’s post, I’ll share some good hosting options for your blog so you don’t have to worry about these problems.

How to Buy Best Hosting for Your Blog?

Friends, if you want good web hosting, there are a few important things to consider. First, check how long the web hosting company has been in business and how many people use their services. It’s important to know their track record. From my own experience, I started my blog with Godaddy, but their hosting wasn’t good, so I switched to Hostinger. I still have my domain with Godaddy, but I moved my hosting to Hostinger. I would recommend not getting both the domain and hosting from Godaddy because their data has been hacked multiple times. Apart from Hostinger, there are other good web hosting companies like A2 Hosting, Site Ground, Bluehost, Hosting Mella, GreenGeek, and more. Take the time to research and find the best hosting option for your needs.

Hostinger hosting

Friends, Hostinger is the best hosting for new bloggers because it’s much cheaper than other options, making it easy for beginners to buy.

The special thing about this hosting is that it’s not only affordable, but it also comes with a free domain, free SSL, and all the essentials to start a blog. It offers very fast loading speeds and can support up to 100 blogs, handling 25,000 visitors easily. Although these features are part of its premium plan, which costs Rs 139 per month, if you choose this hosting for four years, it’s available for less than Rs 7000.

Hostinger has two more plans. The cost of single web hosting is even lower, but it does not include a free domain. The third largest plan offers even more features. This hosting has a very simple interface, making it easy to use for new bloggers. Its support system is also very good, ensuring that any problem you encounter will be solved promptly.

Bluehost hosting

How to choose the best hosting? WordPress suggests using Bluehost Hosting for your blog or website. This hosting is known for its quality, but it may be a bit pricier than Hostinger.

The unique thing about this hosting is that when you get a hosting plan, you receive a free domain. With Bluehost, you can select any domain with .com, .net, whereas Hostinger only provides .in domains. In Bluehost, .com domains are included.

Talking about the cost of Bluehost, the cheapest plan starts from Rs.179/month, while Hostinger starts from Rs.79/month. In terms of features at these prices, both are comparable. In Bluehost, you have three plans to choose from, allowing you to select the plan that suits your site. The best plan in Bluehost is the Choice plan, available for Rs.100. If you opt for hosting, your expenses will be higher, totaling around 4000-5000 rupees.

For more about Bluehost, check out the “How to Buy Hosting from Bluehost?” post for detailed info on its plans and purchasing process.

A2 Hosting

Friends, A2 hosting is very powerful and has been providing hosting services for almost 15 years. Many people like it and host a large number of blogs on it. It can handle a lot of traffic, which is why it’s popular. Despite being one of the more expensive options, it’s currently offering 72% off, with the lowest cost hosting at $2.99/month, which is around Rs. 225 in Indian rupees. Without the discount, the price would be around $10 per month, which may be expensive for a new blogger.

Siteground hosting

The hosting I’m talking about is really powerful and capable. It’s like A2 hosting, which is great for hosting big websites with lots of visitors. But it’s expensive, so new bloggers who want to learn and grow might not be able to afford it. Even though the hosting is really good, the price could stop some people from using it.

Currently, there is a 73% discount available, with the cheapest plan starting at $3.99 per month (approximately 300 rupees). The highest-tier plan costs $10.69 per month. While some bloggers can afford this, it may not be feasible for new bloggers who are just starting out and don’t have a lot of resources at their disposal. This can limit their ability to take full advantage of the capabilities that this hosting offers.

Greengeek hosting

Friends, I really like the hosting from Greengeeks. It’s not too expensive or too cheap, but the service is excellent. That’s why this hosting company doesn’t need to advertise much.

All hosting companies advertise their services to sell as much as possible, but Greengeeks focuses on improving its service instead of heavy promotion, which benefits the users.

If you check the price of this hosting, it starts at $2.95 and goes up to $10. This hosting can handle a lot of visitors.

Hosting Mella

Hosting Mela is a new and affordable hosting option in the market. Despite being new, it offers hosting at a low price of Rs 49/month and can handle up to 100000 monthly visitors. They provide direct assistance through WhatsApp chat or phone calls.

In this hosting, there are three types of plans. They start at Rs 49/month and go up to Rs 229/month. With these plans, you can host 100 websites. It can handle unlimited traffic. This hosting is great for new bloggers who can start their journey for just Rs 49/month.


Friends, GoogieHost offers both paid and completely free hosting options. If you have the money, you can buy GoogieHost’s paid hosting for your blog’s website. If you don’t have the funds, you can use their free hosting instead.

There is a small difference between Free Hosting and Paid Hosting at GoogieHost. With Paid Hosting, you get excellent service, while Free Service is not as strong. However, Free Hosting is a good choice for new bloggers as new blogs usually do not get a lot of visitors. You can start your blog with this free hosting, and when it starts getting a lot of visitors and making money, you can think about upgrading to paid hosting.

GoogieHost is a web hosting company from India that started in 2012. Many people use its free or paid hosting services for their websites. To begin, you can click on the “use free” or “buy” button.

Which of these hosting is best for me?

Friends, there are various hosting options, but not all are right for every blog. If you’re starting a new blog with low traffic, you don’t need to spend on expensive hosting like Siteground or A2 hosting.

Instead, you might want to consider more affordable options like Hostinger or Hosting Mella. These hosting providers offer good services at a lower cost. Ultimately, the choice of hosting is up to you. If you decide to go with one of these options, let me explain how you can purchase the best hosting.

How to buy hosting from Hosting Mella?

Friends, I will explain how to buy hosting from Hosting Mella. The process is similar for most hosting companies, so you can apply these steps to buy hosting from any provider.

To make it easier, I have provided a link to buy hosting from Hostinger. You can click on the link and read about the process of purchasing hosting. Let’s begin with how to buy hosting from Hostinger.

  1. Visit Hosting Mella’s website (you can google it or use this link).
  2. Check out the three hosting plans and choose the one that suits your needs.
  3. On the next page, you can get a .com domain for Rs.800 or use your existing domain.
  4. If you’re getting a new domain, enter the domain name and proceed.
  5. Choose Monthly as your payment preference and continue.
  6. Select the services you need or only purchase hosting.
  7. Fill in your details, agree to the terms and conditions, and then proceed to checkout.
  8. Choose your payment option – ATM card, Net banking, or UPI.

Complete the payment using the available option. Once the payment is done, your hosting will be purchased, and you can then create your blog/website. This is how you can buy the best hosting.

Are any Papers Required for Buying Hosting?

To buy hosting, you don’t typically need any specific papers. All you usually need is a valid email address, a payment method such as a credit card, and your personal details for the billing information. As long as you have these details ready, you should be able to purchase hosting without the need for any additional papers.


So, if you’re looking to buy good hosting, I’ve got you covered. I’ve included info on both affordable and expensive options, as well as popular choices. This will help you pick the best hosting for your needs. Now you can choose between affordable or premium hosting based on what you need, and potentially earn a lot from your blog or website. If you found this helpful, please share it with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, or others.

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