New Trick: Learn How to Create Gmail ID in Minutes, Step by Step Guide

How to Create Gmail ID

How to Create Gmail ID Step by Step Guide Gmail is a free service of Google provided by Google so that we can send our message (web mail) from one city to another or from one country to another and for this we do not have to spend even a single rupee.

In today’s time, the Internet is used for almost all kinds of work, there are many websites in which you can do any work as per your wish, but to do all these works, these websites often ask you for your email address. Huh. If you are working in any office also, then you have to give your email, so that people can send the necessary official data to you on email.

That’s why it is very important to have email in today’s time. Most people often use Gmail for email. Gmail is a very reliable email website. Here all the necessary information is being given to create an email. Using these information, you can create a Gmail account.

When Gmail started, it was beta-released with invitations on April 1, 2004, but it took 3 years to reach the general public. Gmail officially came into the world on 7 February 2007 and was upgraded to Google Play as an app on 7 July 2009. Google invented Gmail.

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Type in Google

To create Gmail, first you have to go to Gmail’s official website, or you can go to its official website by searching Google.

Click on create account

Now the Gmail website will open in front of you and with this you will see two options one sign in and the other create an account. To create an email ID, you have to click on the second i.e. Create account.

Enter your name and password

Here you have to write your first name and second name and below that again you have to write username ie your name. After writing these two, you will have to keep the password of your email and after that you will have to click on Next.

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Enter your name and password

After reaching this page, you will have to enter your mobile number. Because on that mobile number you will get an OTP which you will have to give after that so that your Gmail i.e. email ID gets verified.

Enter OTP and click on Verify

You will get an OTP i.e. a code on the same number which you have written. You have to write that OTP here, after writing OTP you have to click on Verify.

Enter DOB and click on Next

Now you have to write your DOB here and along with this you also have to select Gender and after that you have to click on Next option.

Yes, I’m in Click on

On coming to this page, Google is asking you whether you want to add your number to all the products coming in Google Services? If you want to add your number to other services of Google, then for that you have to click on the option of Yes, I’m in and if you do not want to add your number to other services of Google, then you can skip the option. You can click on

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Read the Privacy Policy and click I Agree

Here you will be shown the page of Google’s Privacy Policy and when you read this Privacy Policy, then after that you will have to click on I Agree.

Gmail Mail Dashboard: You can easily set or change the background profile picture of your inbox in the Gmail Mail Dashboard. You can do this work very easily.

How to set profile picture: To set profile picture, you have to go to the profile icon given on the right side of the inbox. Here you will get the option written ‘Change’. By selecting this option you can add your favorite photo from your system to your profile.

Once you are satisfied with the profile you have uploaded, you can complete the process of setting your profile picture by selecting ‘Set as Profile Picture’.

In this way you can create Gmail account very easily.

Gmail with the help of Smartphone: You can also create Gmail with the help of your smartphone. Under this all the processes are computerized. But the home page of Gmail is not available in the phone, only the option of ‘Create Account’ is available. By selecting this option, you can repeat all the next account creation steps mentioned above.

Gmail is a very important thing. That’s why you have to take special care of your password setting. You have to choose a password that no one else can guess. Also, never share your Gmail password with anyone.

How to change Gmail ID Password?

To change your Gmail ID password, follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the Gmail website (
  2. Sign in to your Gmail account using your current username and password.
  3. Once you are logged in, click on your profile picture or initial icon located in the top right corner of the Gmail interface.
  4. From the dropdown menu, select “Manage your Google Account.”
  5. This will take you to the Google Account settings page. In the left-hand menu, click on the “Security” tab.
  6. Under the “Signing in to Google” section, you will find the “Password” option. Click on the “Password” link.
  7. You may be asked to enter your current password again for security purposes. Provide your current password and click “Next.”
  8. Now, you will be prompted to enter and confirm your new password. Make sure to choose a strong, unique password that is difficult for others to guess. It is recommended to use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.
  9. Once you have entered and confirmed your new password, click on the “Change Password” button.
  10. Your Gmail ID password will be updated, and you will receive a confirmation message.

Remember to update the password on any other devices or applications where you use your Gmail ID to avoid any login issues.

How to Recover Your Gmail ID

If you have forgotten your Gmail ID and are unable to access your account, don’t worry. There are a few steps you can take to recover your Gmail ID. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Gmail Account Recovery page: Open your web browser and visit the Gmail Account Recovery page (
  2. Enter your email address: On the recovery page, enter the email address associated with your Gmail account. If you don’t remember the exact email address, you can try entering any other email addresses you may have used.
  3. Click “Next”: After entering your email address, click on the “Next” button.
  4. Forgot password?: If you can’t remember your password, click on the “Forgot password?” link below the password field.
  5. Recovery options: Gmail will provide you with different recovery options to verify your identity. The options may include:

    • Verification via phone number: If you have associated a phone number with your Gmail account, you might receive a verification code via text message or call.
    • Verification via email: If you have provided a recovery email address during the account setup, Gmail may send a verification link or code to that email.
    • Security questions: If you remember the answers to the security questions you set up for your account, Gmail may ask you to provide the correct answers.
  6. Complete the verification: Follow the instructions provided by Gmail to complete the verification process. This may involve entering the verification code received via text or email, or answering security questions.
  7. Reset your password: Once you have successfully completed the verification process, Gmail will allow you to reset your password. Choose a new password that is secure and not easily guessable.

After resetting your password, you should regain access to your Gmail account. Remember to keep your password secure and consider enabling two-factor authentication for added security.

If you are still unable to recover your Gmail ID, it is recommended to contact the Gmail support team for further assistance.

I hope this guide helps you in recovering your Gmail ID!