14 Tips to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO Like a Pro: How to do SEO of blog full guide

How to do SEO of blog full guide

Today’s post is about how to do SEO for your blog. We will provide you with complete information on how to optimize your blog for SEO in order to increase traffic. Starting a blog is easy, but bringing traffic to it can be challenging. The main source of traffic for a blog is organic traffic from Google, and SEO plays a crucial role in attracting that organic traffic.

To improve your blog’s ranking on Google and attract more traffic, you need to focus on optimizing its SEO. We will provide you with complete information on how to do this.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO involves making adjustments both inside and outside of your blog to improve its visibility on search engines like Google. By optimizing your blog, you can enhance its presentation to both readers and search engines, increasing the chances of higher rankings and attracting more visitors to your blog.

14 Tips to Optimize Your Blog

To optimize your blog’s SEO, it’s important to understand the areas where you can make improvements. These optimizations are necessary for improving your page’s ranking. Let’s explore how to do SEO for your blog!

  1. Use SSL certificate.
  2. Correct URL Permalink.
  3. Keep the blog updated.
  4. Quality rear construction.
  5. Design the blog post well.
  6. Build related internal links.
  7. Give link from social profile.
  8. Correct placement of keywords.
  9. Keep the title of the post catchy.
  10. Increase the loading speed of Blog.
  11. Write unique and good quality articles.
  12. Provide an external link to a good website.
  13. Add frequently asked questions schema data.
  14. Use meta tags and meta descriptions properly.

Although all these points can be completed only through three SEO, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO and Technical SEO, but because we are talking about the complete SEO of the blog, then we will discuss all these points in detail.

Write unique and good quality articles.

Friends, if you are looking for ways to do SEO then first of all you should think about SEO of your blog post because the type of blog post you write is also an SEO which is most important for your ranking. Here we will learn about SEO of blog post later, first of all you should know that writing unique and good quality articles is also a part of SEO where Unique means a new fresh blog post.

Also a good quality article is one which is written according to the user’s intent, which provides a complete answer to the user’s question. So that he does not leave your blog post and go to another blog because when the user leaves your post and goes to another blog, then it is considered an SEO mistake of writing a blog because the user does not care about the SEO of your blog.

If you are able to write such a blog post that can hold the user for a long time to read the post on your blog, then 50% of your SEO is completed, which also gives you better ranking. For example this post of “How to do blogging” is on top position because of unique and good quality article which has no bank link and the competition of this keyword is also very high.

Many people write good posts in the eyes of Google so that Google ranks their posts, but you do not have to write posts for Google, you have to write for users, understand that Google does not rank your posts but ranks users. then you must write this type of post.

Keep the post title catchy

Friends, so far we have talked about what to write in a blog post, but now we will talk about the method of writing a blog post (SEO) in which the title of the post comes first. Title plays a huge role in the ranking of blog posts, as well as title rank post also plays a role in driving traffic to your blog.

This title tells both Google and the user what your post is about or what you have written in your blog post, so that Google gives you ranking and the user clicks on that title and comes to your blog and gets complete information about this title. receives information.

That’s why it is important to have a good title according to SEO, where you have to create an interactive title with your main keywords, in which you use some Eye Catching Words, which is considered the right title according to SEO. For this, you can use these few words “Top, Best, Unique” in your title with main keywords and do SEO of your title.

Design the blog post well.

Friends, writing a blog post is not a bravery, how well you can design that post, this is the main SEO of the post, which we call SEO of the blog. Although there are many ways to design a blog post, but we will tell you how to design according to SEO, which is more important for ranking.

  1. Use all the Headings (H2, H3, H4) of your Blog Post properly and use your Sub Keyword in it.
  2. Keep all your paragraphs short, no more than three or four lines and put important paragraphs in block quotes.
  3. Use related images and videos, definitely put alt tag in it.
    Minimize the use of 4. ads, it bothers the user.

Friends, URL Permalink also has a big role in today’s Google ranking because a correct URL gives rank to your post and a bad URL does not allow you to rank even a good post. URL Permalink does not have any special SEO, just you have to write the main keyword of your blog post in your URL, which should not be too long when your main keyword comes, just as much you have to make the URL of your post a Permalink.

Friends, you can make this URL as you want in WordPress, but in Blogger’s free blog, some things remain default like date month and HTML, which is not possible to remove in Blogger, but there is no problem in it.

Correct placement of keywords.

Friends, you must be well aware that blogging is completely a game of keywords, so while writing a blog post, the SEO of the blog also has to use keywords properly because no matter how big or good the post is, if you keyword do not use properly. So your post cannot be ranked.

Friends, I have not used main keyword even once in my post, yet my post is getting ranked. You would not believe it. I did not use main keyword anywhere in the whole post, but used supporting keyword, which is not a matter of bravery.

Well this is a smart way to avoid keyword stuffing but keep in mind that without using keywords it is not possible to rank your post whether you use auxiliary keywords or use main keywords but keywords have to be used.

  • In the title
  • In URl permalink
  • After the final conclusion is written
  • In the first paragraph of the blog post
  • And the natural way of blog posts in between
  • You must use at least and no more than 2% of the total keyword placements
  • You can check all these keyword placements in Rankmath plugin. it will give you complete information.

Use meta tags and meta description properly

Meta tags and meta descriptions are two different things that many people consider to be the same and both are very important for ranking.

Meta Tags – It is written only for search engine, which tells Google what your blog is about, i.e. what you write and share on your blog, so that your blog can rank on those keywords.

Meta Description – This is created only for blog post, when your post is ranked in Google, then meta description appears below it, which is important for ranking, also help to click user and bring traffic to blog. does.

Friends, Internal Link of your blog post is very important for Google Ranking because from here you get not one but many benefits which are as follows.

The ranking of the post in which you give internal link increases and the user reading the blog post also gets complete information.

The ranking of the post you give internal link also increases because the user comes and reads that post as well as reads this post through internal link.

This internal link tells Google that the second part of this post is an internal link, which Google ranks together.

But for this it is necessary that your internal link is related, like I am writing a post on “Rankmath vs Yoast SEO” and I have already written a post related to it, then I can give the link of those posts in this post, which is related to internal link. Link will be called.

But in this post “How to earn money in village?” If I will give internal link, it is not related, then you have to give related internal link as such. And for this it is necessary that you write such a post only then you will be able to give internal link, the easy way of which is to write at least 10 posts related to the topic on which you are writing the post, so that you can do internal linking in a better way. Huh. Qualified.

Friends, according to Google’s rules, it is mandatory to have at least one External Link in your blog post, only then your blog post can be ranked at a better place. External Link means the link that you add a link to another blog in your post, but this link should be related to your post.

Many people do not get external links related to their posts, the simple way is to search Google for the keyword you are writing the blog post on and get the top 10 results. After seeing any good blog out of that, add the link of that post. This External Link can also be given on a blog or a site like Wikipedia, but from the related post.

Add FAQ schema data.

Friends, the FAQ we add below the Blog Post is a part of the Blog’s SEO, which helps a lot in ranking your post, as well as the FAQ you add also becomes a keyword on which your post is ranked. It seems that the more a post ranks on multiple keywords, the more traffic you get, however, to add to this FAQ, all you have to do is create a question and answer some of your related keywords. But if you are on WordPress then you can convert your FAQ to schema with Rank Math plugin which will look a bit better or if theme has any schema feature then you can use it.

Keep the blog updated.

Friends, Google always ranks fresh and new blog posts in Google, so it is important to keep updating old posts along with writing new blog posts, only then your ranking can be maintained. Updating here does not only mean updating in today’s date, but according to today’s information about that post should also be there because this is all SEO of the blog has to do.

Friends, Banklink works to increase the ranking of any blog, as well as it also increases the Da, Pa of your blog, but this is possible only when you get Quality Backlinks, otherwise these Backlinks also harm your blog. It is better to make one quality backlink in a month than making thousands of backlinks daily, it will be better for you.

Initially I made some backlinks from social media profiles, and some happened automatically, sometimes I comment on some blogs, but this is not for the purpose of making backlinks I just want to see my blog name below that post, for blog promotion. But if you are getting quality backlinks from a good site then it is better for you

Increase the loading speed of Blog.

The loading speed of the blog is a ranking factor, whose blog speed is good, it will rank in google, otherwise you will face many problems in “what is page experience, how to fix it” where to rank for you in google It will be difficult. As far as increasing the speed of the blog is concerned, the main thing is your hosting, because a good hosting can solve all your speed problems, but those who have created a blog on blogger, they have to increase their own speed.

In WordPress, you will find many ways to increase blog speed with good hosting, so that you can give desired speed to your blog, but this is not possible in free blogger. I was also worried about this speed when I was on blogger, but now there is no such problem on WordPress, so if you also want to come from blogger to WordPress, then there is a great hosting suggestion for you, how to buy hostinger hosting?

Use SSL Certificate

Friends, SSL is very important for the security of the blog and when you do not use SSL, then you get to see Error in Google search console, which is very harmful for ranking. Here in wordpress some people use cloudflare’s ssl which doesn’t work equally so i suggest you buy ssl and install it on your blog or use any hosting where ssl is available for free. Like hostinger will not have ssl problem as free ssl is available.

Friends, Social Signal in Blog is also not less than any Quality Backlink and there is no risk of damage to your blog due to which there is no special hassle in making it. All you have to do is create an account with the name of your blog on all social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. and add your blog link in there profile.

This will give a good signal to your blog, which will give you 3 benefits, first you will get backlinks, second you will get traffic and third indexing will start fast. Because Google’s bots are always present on this social media site and they keep indexing your blog through this link.

How many types of SEO are there?

Friends, it is only of two types. On page SEO and off page SEO but we will talk about three seo here and the third one is Technical SEO. Because we are knowing here that how SEO is done for the entire blog, then you cannot miss Technical Seo, so let’s know a little about these three.

On Page SEO – Friends, in this SEO, you do SEO inside the blog, some of which I have told you above, in which SEO of all blog posts is done, which you do while writing a blog post, which is as follows .

  • Correct page title
  • Create external link
  • Create internal links
  • Creating SEO friendly url
  • Proper keyword placement
  • Using keywords in heading tags
  • Adding keywords to image alt tags
  • Adding keywords to meta tags, meta descriptions

Off Page SEO – Friends, in this SEO, you do SEO outside the entire blog, which gives direct traffic to your blog as well as helps in building the authority of your blog, in which some points are as follows.

Sharing post on social media, Creating backlinks from another site (ex: Wikipedia) and you can promote your blog.

Technical SEO – Friends, this is the SEO by which you make any mistake in your blog, which you have to improve, whose information you get in your Google Search Console, which is as follows.

Website loading speed, ssl certificate and blog design Also Read:- What is Page Experience in Google, How to Fix it in 2023?

What are the benefits of doing SEO?

There are thousands of benefits of doing SEO, in which the main purpose of doing SEO is to rank your blog and blog post at a good place in Google, from where you will get very good traffic, which you can understand in this way.

Through SEO, you can improve the SERP Ranking of your blog.

Through this SEO method, you can rank your blog post at the top position.

When your post gets racked, it is obvious that traffic increases, so it also has an advantage.

Blog’s authority can be increased through Blog SEO.

If the conclusion of all the benefits is seen here, then earning money, earning name, which will be completed only and only by doing SEO of the blog.

Conclusion – How to do SEO of your blog?

So friends, this was some information about how to do SEO of the blog, where you know the complete method of how to do SEO of the blog, in which we have explained in detail all the small and big SEO. I hope you have got benefit from this information, which will help you in SEO.

If you like this information “How to do SEO of Blog?”, Share it where more and more people can read this post. Also, you can also give your opinion about this post, so that we can make the upcoming post even better.

What is meant by SEO?

Friends SEO means Search Engine Optimization where you optimize your blog for Search Engine.

How many types of SEO are there?

There are only two types of SEO, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, but when it comes to SEO, you cannot miss the technical SEO.

How to do SEO of blog?

There are many rules of SEO, in which we have told many rules, by which you can do SEO of your blog and you learn the rest of SEO by working yourself, which is the way to do SEO yourself.

How do I rank my blog on Google?

Add keywords to your post and page titles: Include keywords that describe what the post or page is about. Try to keep your titles under 60 characters. For more details read this blog post carefully.