How To Make Money From Website, 10 best ways to earn maximum from blogs

Make Money From Website

If you are looking for “10 best ways to earn maximum money from website” and want to know How To Make Money From Website, then this post is for you so that you can know about some good ways to earn money from website. There is no better way than blog/website and YouTube in real ways to earn money online from internet. But here we will only talk about earning money from the website.

It is not an easy task, from building a website to creating and publishing content, learning SEO, marketing the website and many more, after which you can earn money from the website. If you already have a website then you can start earning money from your website by reading the methods given below.

But if you are new and want to create a website or blog then first of all you should know what is a blog/website. How does it work and how is it made? So let’s first know the answers to all these questions in brief, after that we will know in detail how to earn money from the website.

What is website?

A website is a webpage where many webpages are linked to each other, it can also be called a group of webpages from where you get information about a product that is created and read or viewed only through the Internet. For example, you search something on Google, now whatever result comes, it is of one or the other website, it is called a blog / website.

How is a website made?

There are thousands of ways to build a website on the internet, some of which are absolutely free and some of which cost money, but almost 95% of the websites you see on Google are built from Blogger and WordPress platforms. Now in this Blogger is a free platform while WordPress is a paid service from where you can easily create a blog or website.

If you want to create a free blog / website on, then you can read my post on how to create a free website.

But if you want to create a website on WordPress, then you need Domain Name and Web Hosting, which you have to buy by investing money. But if you want to know what is hosting and domain or what is the way to buy it, then you can know about it by clicking on this link “

After creating a website on WordPress, some content has to be uploaded on it, its SEO has to be done, after which some users start coming to your blog website or you can say that some traffic starts coming from Google. So let us now know in detail about these methods “How to Make money from website”.

Blogging topic Ideas

How to earn make from website

There are many ways to earn money from blog website, in which you can earn money by selling Google Adsense or other Ads Network, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, URL Shortener, Refer And Earn, Product Selling, Website. But all these methods will work only when there is traffic on your website, when at least 1000 page views start coming on your site daily, then you can earn about 15 to 20 thousand rupees through the website, so let’s know about its methods. in.

Make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is considered the best way to earn money, in which there is no limit to earn money, means according to the user, you earn money from the website. The more users that come to your site, the more money you will earn, but affiliate marketing is one such way that you can earn good money even with less traffic.

You can earn up to four times more from one ad. Now many people will have this question in their mind that what is Affiliate Marketing? So this is a process in which by joining the Affiliate Program of a company, its products have to be sold, in return that company gives you some % commission. Where there is an easy process to join the Affiliate Program of a company, then you have to put a link to its product in your Blog Post.

Now whoever buys any product by clicking on that link, you will get a fixed commission. Here the commission of every product is already fixed, which is done by the company itself, here all the responsibility of delivering the product or taking returns is with the company, here you earn money only by becoming a middleman. But the question comes that which Affiliate Program should you join or which is the best Affiliate Marketing Company, so let’s know a little about it.

Earn money by making affiliate website

The way you do Affiliate Marketing, in the same way you can create an Affiliate Blog Website where you do not even need to write any content, you can pick up the products of Amazon or any company and upload them to your site. Huh.

You can create a site like Amazon. The only difference between this site and Amazon’s site will be that you can buy any product directly on Amazon’s site but you will not be able to buy any product on this site created by you. Rather, if someone clicks on a product posted on your site, he or she will be able to go to Amazon’s site and buy the product from there, but you will get the commission.

There is a doubt in the mind of many people that if they pick up the product from Amazon’s site and upload it on their site, then copy rights will come or Amazon will not allow it, then the answer is that Amazon does not stop you from doing so. Is. Because it benefits him too. You must have also come across websites or blogs that directly pick up a product from Amazon and upload it on their site.

Amazon and Flipkart Affiliate

Amazon and Flipkart Affiliate are the most used, although there is not much commission in this, but most of the products are available here, from eating and drinking to going anywhere, you will find all the products here, which can be sold. . By doing this you can earn commission.

Joining its affiliate program is absolutely free, in this you get the highest commission on fashion products while the lowest commission on electronic products. Although electronic items are more expensive and also sell the most. Apart from Amazon, there are many shopping companies in whose Affiliate Programs you can join for free and earn commission by selling their products.

Hosting Affiliate

This is a product in which you will get a very good commission but you will not get much product in this, here only 2 products can be sold to you, Hosting and Domain and this is a product that not everyone will buy. This product is only useful for those people who are interested in making blog or website because this product is only for making blog/website but commission is more than 50%.

At this time no hosting is less than 2000, if you sell any hosting you get 1000. In this also you can join Affiliate Program of any hosting company like Hostinger, A2 Hosting, Greengeek Hosting, Bluehost Hosting for free. Many of these hosting are such that you will get the highest commission.

Affiliate blogging tools

These are the products on which you get the maximum (60%) commission, but this product is also useful only for bloggers, no one else buys these products. In this, if we talk about the product, then there are many such products which have themes, SEO tools, plugins (Rankmath vs Yoast) and much more, you can earn commission by joining and promoting Affiliate Program.

Make Money With Google AdSense

Google AdSense is considered the best to earn money from the website, in which you do not need to do much, just once you have to take approval from Google AdSense and place its ads on your website. Google AdSense is an advertising network that displays ads in the form of text, videos and images on your blog/website in simple language, it shows promotions and you get paid only after viewing these ads. Google Adsense gives you money in 2 ways.

According to Impression – Like if an Ad Show is happening on your blog then how many ads are visible and according to how many ads you see in the whole day, you get paid from 2$ to 5$ for viewing 1000 Ads Is.

According to the click – In this you get money according to the direct click, suppose an advertisement is showing on your site. And if the user clicks on it then here you get money according to CPC which can be from 0.01$ to 1$.

But apart from Google Adsense, there are many Ads networks that you can use on your website like Ezoic,, Propeller Ads, and many more Ad networks. In all these Ezoic is such an Ads network that you can use with Google Adsense and it can give you twice the money from Google Adsense.

Earn money by providing service

You can earn money by giving any service through your website, if you have any skill which is needed by others, then you can give services on your website like content writing, logo creation, SEO, site optimization etc. To provide all these services, you need to offer a list of services on your website.

You have to place these services on your website at such a place where the attention of the visitors can easily go. You must have seen that in many websites, apart from the website page, many tools, some services are offered, from which those people earn a lot of money. Because visitors stay on your website for a long time to use these services.

If you do not have a website or do not want to create a website, you can still earn money from other’s website. If you want, you can earn money by writing blog posts on other’s website, many bloggers are like this, they do not write their own posts, they get others to write them, they give money in return. So if you can write post then you can also work or you can create website for others, manage it, for which you will get paid.

If you have no interest in making these websites or writing blog posts, then you can visit other websites and earn money by completing some tasks, like you can earn money by uploading videos or website graphic, photo You can earn money by uploading thumbnails etc. to the website.

Earning money by giving banklink is a common thing in today’s time, thousands of new websites are being created on the internet and banklink is needed to rank the new website in Google, in such a situation, you can earn well by using this method. . But in the way of earning money by giving this backlink, you will be able to use this method only when there is good traffic on your website, DA PA of your website will be good, only then people will want to get backlinks from your site. For which they will also pay money.

Here you can charge people according to the traffic of your website, in which people charge more than $100 for a backlink, which depends on the total website traffic and the traffic of any page. Here you have to keep in mind that you should give back link of a good site only, not of any wrong site, otherwise it can harm the blog, your traffic can also go, the post can be deranked or Google Penalty may be imposed by

Earn money from Sponsored Post

This is also the best way to earn money from the website but it may take you some time to adopt this method because you get Sponsored Post only when there is good traffic on your website. Because many people who are going to give Sponsored Post search such a website where some good traffic comes, for which they see the traffic of a website from Keyword Research Tool, after that they contact the admin of that website.

Where the admin of that website takes money for doing Sponsored Post on his site, which gets up to lakhs of rupees for a Sponsored Post. Many new bloggers also pay good money for making backlinks on their site where you have to take money from them and give backlinks to their site also here only traffic matters you can charge more money from those new bloggers. And you can earn money from the website.

Make money selling your website

In today’s time, many bloggers do the same thing, they create a new site and do that work for a year or two, when good traffic starts coming to the site, then they earn a lot of money by selling that website. . Where the cost of one of their websites is also 2 to 10 lakh rupees. You also get many websites to sell your website through which you can sell your site immediately.

In which you also have to pay some commission to the sites selling these websites, like Flippa. If you want, you can sell your site through your social media without paying commission to these websites. The biggest advantage of selling a site is that if you have a site, you are now earning Rs 8500 a month. If you are going to sell it then you will get 8500 x 36 = 306000 rupees immediately.

Earn money selling your products

If you have any product or you make any product then you can earn money by selling those products online through your website, here many people make their own clothes and sell through website. Most people sell through an ecommerce website. Website is such a thing that you can earn money by selling any product in the world.

Here many people have the problem that they do not have any product that they can sell from their website, in such a situation you can connect with an App like Meesho, you can buy and sell the product yourself with the Meesho App. Here you earn from both sides. Many people buy products from here and earn money by selling that product at a higher price.

Earn money by refer and earn

Refer And Earn also works exactly like Affiliate Marketing, but the difference is that in this you do not sell any product, rather you have to connect people with that product, in return that company gives you referral commission. For example, you can join the referral program of many apps and websites like Groww App Phone Pe, Google Pay, Upstox, Paytm, Ezoic and share their referral link on your website.

Whoever joins these apps and websites through these referral links, then you get a certain referral commission from that company, here all apps and websites have different referral commission. In some you get Rs 50, in some Rs 500 or more. In this also you get commission only once in some Apps and Websites but in some you keep getting commission for lifetime.

Earn money from url shortener website

URL Shortener is also a good way to earn money from website, in which you do not have to do much effort, just put a link on your website which will give you Life Time Earning. But for this you have to join some good URL Shortener Websites and from there add some good URL Shortener to your website.

You can also share this URL Shortener link on social media. When people click on your URL, you will earn. Here how much money you will be able to earn depends on the click, the more people click on this URL, the more money you will be able to earn because here you get paid on the basis of clicks.

Conclusion – How to Make money from website

This was the special information about earning money from the website, in which you learned about Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Website, Sponsored Post, Refer And Earn and Ads network as well as some other ways to earn money. I hope “How to make money from website?” Must have been helpful for you, using which you can earn maximum money from your website. If you liked this information then share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other social media.

FAQs -How to earn money from website

How to earn from website?

You can earn from websites by Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, URL Shortener, Refer And Earn, Product Selling, Backlinks, Selling Website and other ways.

How much money can be earned from a website?

There is no limit to earn money from the website, from this you can earn lakhs and crores, here how much money you will get from the website will depend on the traffic of the website.