Incredible Off-Road Power: Segway Dirt eBike X260 – Your Ticket to Electrifying Adventures!

Segway Dirt eBike X260

Segway has embraced the future of off-roading with the launch of the first electric dirt bike under the Segway brand. This eco-friendly off-road marvel is set to revolutionize the way adrenaline junkies experience the great outdoors.

SEGWAY Dirt eBike X260/ X160

The Segway Dirt eBike stands out as an electric-powered dirt bike that promises exceptional off-road capabilities for riders of all skill levels. Its compact design, lightweight build, ease of maintenance, and cost-effectiveness make it a compelling choice for adventure enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned off-road rider or a novice, the Segway Dirt eBike is geared to make your off-road dreams a reality.

  • 121.3 LBS Weight
  • 46.6 MPH Max. Speed
  • 74.6 Miles Max. Range
  • 4.02 Seconds 0-31 MPH Acceleration
  • 45° Uphill Capability
  • 184.3 FT-LBS Max. Torque
  • Swappable Battery
  • APP Control

Swift Charging and Remarkable Range

Equipped with a fast-charging battery that reaches full capacity in just 4 hours, the X260 model offers an impressive range of 74.6 miles on a single charge. Additionally, the option for swappable batteries further extends the potential for thrilling adventures.

Top-Notch Off-Road Experience for Everyone

The Segway Dirt eBike’s outstanding performance, combined with its compact physique, opens up a world of off-road excitement to riders of varying experience levels.

Conquer Any Terrain with Confidence

Featuring an IP67-grade waterproof rating and an aluminum alloy body designed for efficient heat dissipation, this eBike is engineered to conquer the toughest off-road terrains. The Field Oriented Controls ensure stability and adaptability to your riding style.

Ride Uninhibited

The standard 48 rear sprocket teeth empower the Segway Dirt eBike to conquer slopes with inclines of up to 45°, delivering a maximum rear wheel torque of 184.3 ft*lb. Enjoy smooth drivetrain output and effortlessly perform wheelies.

Unleash Your Potential Instantly

Experience the thrill of unleashing the bike’s full capacity with a peak torque of 23.6 ft*lb, reaching a maximum of 5400 rpm at temperatures of up to 356°F. Accelerate from 0 to 31 mph in an exhilarating 4.02 seconds.

Infinite Customization Possibilities

The presence of universal parts facilitates effortless modifications and DIY customization, empowering riders to create their very own personalized e-bike experiences. Calculate my energy bill if I switched from gas to electric: Is the Money-Savvy Choice!

What Critics Are Saying

Segway’s ambition extends beyond providing scooters, as the brand endeavors to offer a range of mobility solutions that integrate software, robotics, and its patented self-balancing technology. The introduction of the Dirt eBike marks the latest addition to Segway’s new Powersports business unit, complementing its existing lineup of hybrid off-road products, including an ATV.

The most intriguing features of the X160 and X260 models lie in their swappable batteries, impressive top speeds of 31.1/46.6 mph (X160/X260), substantial ranges of 40.4/74.6 miles, and robust torque claims of 162.2/184.3 lb-ft. Positioned between mountain bikes and dirt bikes, the Segway Dirt eBike shines with its lightweight build, responsive handling, and impressive torque. From the capable Eco mode to the exhilarating Sport mode, this bike delivers a versatile and thrilling riding experience.

Segway’s foray into electric power sports further underscores its evolution beyond the realm of affordable electric scooters, signaling its broader commitment to the electric mobility landscape.

Explore the Segway Dirt eBike

  • Swappable Battery
  • Lightweight and Easy-to-Learn
  • 74.6 Miles Range
  • 46.6 mph Max Speed
  • Accelerates from 0 to 31 mph in 4.02 seconds
Dimensions (L × W × H)71.7 × 29.1 × 40.2 inch (1820 × 740 × 1020 mm)74.2 × 30.7 × 41.3 inch (1885 × 780 × 1050 mm)
Vehicle Weight/ Including Battery88.2 / 105.8 lbs (40 / 48 kg)97.0 / 121.3 lbs (44 / 55 kg)
HeadlightN/AWith headlight
Wheelbase49.2 inch (1250 mm)49.8 inch (1265 mm)
Minimum Clearance8.7 inch (220 mm)10.6 inch (270 mm)
Max. Climbing Slope35° slope45° slope
Max. Speed31.1 mph (50 km/h)46.6 mph (75 km/h)
Mileage40.4 mile (65 km)74.6 mile (120 km)
Seat Height29.9 inch (760 mm)31.9 inch (810 mm)
Power SystemHigh speed brushless DC motorHigh speed brushless DC motor
Max. Motor Power3 KW5 KW
Nominal Power2 KW3 KW
Max. Torque for Driving Wheel162.2 ftlb (220 Nm)184.3 ftlb (250 Nm)
IP RatingBattery IP65; Controller IP67Battery IP65; Controller IP67
Vehicle MaterialForged Aluminum AlloyForged Aluminum Alloy
Handlebar Length29.9 inch (760 mm)30.7 inch (780 mm)
Battery TypeLithium batteryLithium battery
Charging Time4 – 5 h3 – 4 h
Capacity20 Ah32 Ah
Rated Voltage48 V60 V
Overcurrent Protection Value75 A100 A
Nominal Power300 W700 W
Charger Input Voltage100–240 V 50–60 HZ100–240 V 50–60 HZ
Charger Output Voltage/ Power58.8 V / 5 A67.2 V / 10 A
Charger ModelNB-58D8-5D0NB-67D2-10D0
Gear TypeAluminum alloy 17*1.4Aluminum alloy 19*1.4
Tire Type70/100-17 off-road tire70/100-19 off-road tire
Wheel Diameter17 inch19 inch
Handlebar Grip MaterialSilicone rubberSilicone rubber
Front Shock Absorber SystemSingle-shoulder inverted front fork (adjustable)Double-shoulder inverted front fork (adjustable)
Rear Shock Absorber SystemMulti-link hydraulic spring central typeMulti-link hydraulic spring central type
Rear Shock Absorber Range3.0 inch (75 mm adjustable)3.3 inch (85 mm adjustable)
Brake SystemDisc brakeDisc brake
Primary Drive SystemHTD 8M belt 22.0 inch (560 mm)HTD 8M belt 22.0 inch (560 mm)
Secondary Drive System420 chain with 112 sections420 chain with 106 sections

Segway Dirt eBike Pros

  1. Off-Road Performance: The Segway Dirt eBike offers exceptional off-road capabilities for riders of all skill levels, providing a thrilling and versatile riding experience.
  2. Swift Charging and Remarkable Range: Equipped with a fast-charging battery and offering an impressive range of 74.6 miles on a single charge, this eBike ensures longer and more adventurous rides.
  3. Conquer Any Terrain with Confidence: Engineered to conquer the toughest off-road terrains, featuring an IP67-grade waterproof rating and an aluminum alloy body, this eBike provides stability and adaptability to different riding styles.
  4. Infinite Customization Possibilities: The presence of universal parts facilitates effortless modifications and DIY customization, allowing riders to create their personalized e-bike experiences.
  5. Easy-to-Learn and Lightweight: The lightweight build and easy-to-learn features make the Segway Dirt eBike accessible to a wide range of riders, enhancing the overall experience for off-road enthusiasts.

Segway Dirt eBike Cons

  1. Charging Time: The eBike requires 4 to 5 hours for a full charge, which may limit impromptu off-road adventures due to longer charging times.
  2. Limited Speed Options for X160 Model: The X160 model has a maximum speed of 31.1 mph, which may be perceived as limited compared to the higher speed offered by the X260 model (46.6 mph).
  3. Seat Height: The seat height of 29.9 inches for the X160 and 31.9 inches for the X260 may not be suitable for shorter riders, potentially limiting the accessibility for a specific demographic.

These pros and cons provide a comprehensive overview of the Segway Dirt eBike, highlighting its strengths and areas that may benefit from further improvement.

Segway Dirt eBike Rivals

In the ever-expanding world of electric off-road biking, the Segway Dirt eBike faces competition from several notable rivals that bring their own unique strengths to the table. Let’s explore some of the primary rivals vying for the attention of adventure enthusiasts.

1. Electric Motion Escape

The Electric Motion Escape presents itself as a formidable contender in the realm of electric off-road bikes. With its lightweight build, advanced electric motor, and focus on environmental sustainability, the Escape offers a compelling alternative to the Segway Dirt eBike.

Key Features:

  • Impressive Torque and Acceleration
  • Eco-Friendly Design
  • Enhanced Maneuverability

2. Kuberg Ranger

Kuberg’s Ranger stands out as a robust and agile electric dirt bike that competes directly with the Segway Dirt eBike. Boasting exceptional off-road performance and a strong emphasis on rider control, the Ranger aims to captivate off-road enthusiasts with its uncompromising capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Precision Engineering for Enhanced Control
  • High-Performance Suspension System
  • Tailored Riding Modes for Varied Terrain

3. Sur-Ron Light Bee

The Sur-Ron Light Bee is a strong rival in the electric off-road bike category, offering a blend of power, agility, and versatile riding dynamics. Riders seeking an alternative to the Segway Dirt eBike may find the Light Bee’s distinctive features and off-road prowess to be an appealing choice.

Key Features:

  • Robust Off-Road Performance
  • All-Terrain Versatility
  • Agility and Responsiveness

4. Cake Kalk

Cake’s Kalk series represents a compelling lineup of electric off-road motorcycles that poses a challenge to the Segway Dirt eBike. With its innovative design, emphasis on sustainability, and commitment to delivering exhilarating off-road experiences, the Kalk series makes a strong case for consideration.

Key Features:

  • Minimalist and Purposeful Design
  • Eco-Conscious Manufacturing
  • Focus on Performance and Responsiveness

As the electric off-road biking landscape continues to evolve, these notable rivals stand as compelling choices for adventure seekers, offering a diverse range of features and performance attributes to cater to varying riding preferences.

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