Jhagru Mahto Biography, Real name and Earning from Comedy (Mani Meraj Team)

Jhagru Mahto

Jhagru Mahto’s Life Introduction, (Money Meraj Team) Jhagru Mahto Biography, Latest News, Age, Education, Caste, Wife, Comedy Videos Career, Children, Annual Income, Profession, Source of Income, Life Success Story of Comedy Star Jhagru Mahto.

In today’s time, everyone is successful because of their hard work and talent. sharing their art and knowledge with others through social media is the biggest means of earning their name and money, so today in this article about one such artist going to talk.

Who has started ruling the hearts of people with comedy acting in Bhojpuri comedy videos at an early age. Sometime back, ie 2 or 3 years ago, Bihar’s comedy star Jhagaru Mahto had joined Mani Miraj’s team and is ruling the hearts of people with his comedy style.

Jhagru Mahto Biography

  • Full Name – Mohammad Rajid
  • Nickname – Jhagru Mahto
  • Date of birth –
  • Profession – Youtuber, Instagram Star, Social Media Star
  • Citizenship – Indian
  • Birth Place – Kishanganj, Bihar
  • Age – NA
  • Source of Income – YouTube and various social platforms.
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Net earning – 2 lakhs/m*

Education of Jhagru Mahto

If we talk about the education of Jhagru Mahto, then due to being born in a poor family, he could not study much in his childhood and after studying only till tenth, he used to work in a small shop in his city. Also Read Mintua Bhojpuri Biography (Short Video Comedian)

Jhagru Mahto

What is the real name of Jhagru Mahto?

Jhagru Mahto’s real name is Mohammad Rajid, he is famous by the name of Jhagru Mahto and even today everyone knows him by the name of Jhagru Mahto.

Brief information about Jhagru Mahto

Jhagru Mahto’s childhood was spent in poverty and after schooling he was running a clothes shop in a market in his area, which used to run his family and livelihood, but one day suddenly Bhojpuri comedy star Mani Meraj came to his shop. While he was sitting on the road, he asked Mani Meraj for a chance to join his team and Mani Meraj opened the way for him to make his mark in a new life by joining Jhagru Mahto in his team.

From where Jhagru got importance and he has made a different place in that team by doing very good mimicry and acting. In today’s date many people are playing different roles in teams and have also made a good way of earning money.

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Team NameRoll
1. Mani MerajLead Roll
2. Shashi YadavScript Writer & Police Wala
3. BantiMultiple
4. Rockstar SaifAlkatra
5. Michael MunnaSasur
6. Arif RajaMukhiya giri
7. MohitMultiple
8. MD RajidJhagaru Mahto

Jhagru Mahto had a dream of making videos since childhood.

According to social media reports, in a video interview, Jhagru Mahato Real name is Mohd. Rajid said that he had a dream to act in a video film since childhood. He is fulfilling his dreams by joining the team of Mani Meraj, and today along with the importance of Mani Meraj Team Jhagru, its popularity in the entire Bhojpuri society is increasing day by day. On the basis of his acting and talent, Jhagru Mahto is earning a lot by making videos with many more such comedies. They are also making a name for themselves.

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How much does Jhagru Mahto earn?

Jhagru Mahto’s life changed after making the video and according to a report Jhagroo Mahto earns around ₹ 2 to ₹ 3 Lakhs from YouTube and along with this he has many other sources of income. From where according to the reports they are earning 5 to 10 lakhs monthly income or can earn more than this, it is a huge scope for them in the coming time as they have made a place in the hearts of people with their talent and hard work.

Jhagru Mahto FAQ

Some questions and answers related to Jhagru Mahto

Who is Jhagru Mahto?

Jhagru Mahto is the comedy star of Mani Meraj’s team.

What is Real Name of Jhagru Mahto

Real name is MD Rajid. He told himself in the video interview and Jhagru Mahto’s name only for the comedy video.

Is Jhagru Mahto Married?

Yes, MD Rajid (Jhagru Mahto) is married.