Are These Most Common WordPress Hosting Problems Ruining Your Website

Most Common WordPress Hosting Problems

Is Your WordPress Website Slow? Discover the Worst Hosting Nightmares! (How to fix Most Common WordPress Hosting Problems) WordPress hosting is a reliable platform for websites but it is not free from common issues. You will definitely encounter some common problems as soon as you start using it. But if you are aware of the nature of the problems, it will be easier to handle it properly.

Even if you are working on a simple CMS function, problems can arise at any point of time and hinder the smooth functioning of the website. This situation may seem frustrating to novices and they may find it challenging to be unable to fix it.

It is the technical aspect of server management which is usually at fault and needs to be resolved soon by the expert team. However, the problems are not the result of conflicting plugins, hacked sites or unreliable themes, but others.

This is where the experts can guide you right in the field and fine tune the technicalities in a better way. Go through the common situation and gather ideas to know what steps to take when such problems arise.

Slow loading server issue affecting WordPress

No matter how effectively you optimize a WordPress page for smooth loading, it can become slow at any time. How to deal with it and fix it? You need to look for its configuration and check the plugins installed with the theme and check the website for any errors.

This way it will be easier to identify the root of the server problem and fix it at the root to prevent it from happening again and again. Server issues slow down page loading times. Internet users always prefer to browse through those sites which are able to load faster and if it takes longer time, they may not come back to the website again. If it takes more than three seconds, the website may lose potential customers and ultimately revenue.

  • Poor website optimization
  • Slow site server
  • Slow loading of external scripts

In the second case, plugins and scripts by the site or other third-party sites can also slow it down. So, one has to be careful while adding random plugins and extensions to the website. What is web hosting and its types, Features Explained for Beginners

How to fix slow loading website?

Check the online server status of the hosting server using the tools provided by the hosting service. Many services have dedicated page to indicate the status for server live. You can contact the customer support team and help you to solve the problem in the best way.

If the page slows down, it may be due to the fault of a neighboring website that is impacting the main site. The website service representative will suggest upgrading to a better VPS service to reduce the chances of slow web pages.

You know there is no problem with its down time, next would be to check the bandwidth. This could be due to a traffic spike on the server. For this, you have to monitor the bandwidth from the admin panel of the hosting server.

If the PHP mismatch occurs it can result in other persistent problems. This slows down the use of themes, plugins, and WordPress itself. So, it is recommended to use latest PHO version from hosting panel to maintain hosting server and website speed. You can ask the server support team for the same and fix the problem.

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Poor quality of servers

Poor quality or unstable servers may result in a diminished experience of accessing or operating a website site. When it is unavailable to visitors, it affects how users view the website and reduces the likelihood that they will visit again.

For example, if a small business website has a chance to attract attention and clicks from potential visitors and the website suddenly slows down with traffic in the middle of browsing. After this the website crashes. This has a bad effect on its brand image and website service and is mainly due to its unstable servers.

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How to fix Poor quality of servers?

To fix such problem is to use multi-container server system which provides good uptime. This game changing advance in technology can make the difference in traffic surges and automatically using tools on servers like it helps keep website servers running smoothly.

By using multiple load balanced containers, sites can be duplicated so that even if an outage occurs, the site remains in good condition. It is better to use firewalls and SSL certificates which are supposed to be used by every hosting server by default with its security measures.

Email not sending problem.

Website owners prefer to use email addresses that indicate the brand of the site and definitely check the availability of this feature when purchasing a hosting service for the site.

The normal addresses used for the website should be connected to the email platform which helps in better sales leads and initiate communication with new customers, and retain their attention for a longer period of time.

However, when there is a problem with the smooth delivery of emails, it indicates a loss of potential customers through online marketing.

You should not miss the chance to get visitors and be ready to reply soon by email service for website service.

This is where email marketing should come into play, no matter how large or extensive the business is.

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How to fix Email not sending problem?

First of all, you have to check by sending multiple emails to the business email id and if no new email is showing in the inbox, it may happen that the inbox is full and you need to change some settings directly from the server.

You often have to forward messages to email IDs with domain names in someone’s account. Before doing this, it is important to check the settings in the email body before forwarding it. If using a third party management tool such as Microsoft Outlook.

The hosting email will appear under the list of active emails. Hosting admin settings can control the email account. You can also access a web version of the email inbox which makes it easy to receive email.

However, if you do not find any email list, then you need to contact the support team who can guide you with the necessary changes to be done on the email server.

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Uncertainty of service cost

As there are so many web hosting companies available, with this, you must check the price rate in detail, and ensure that you are not overcharged for the same. Check out the hosting service plan details and it should suit your business needs.

If the hosting provider is reliable, it should maintain transparency and offer affordable pricing that is easy to afford, irrespective of the size of the business. You have to choose between annual or monthly charges and choose according to usage. The plan should be perfect for the traffic growth and the plan should be for handling the traffic.

Furthermore, you will get to opt for an advanced plan from web hosting providers that will meet your business needs and handle sporadic surges in site traffic.

Depending on the traffic to the website, you can also opt for premium cost and it should meet your business budget. On availing service from top hosting providers, you can ask for customized plan and check its features before investing in it.

How to deal with Uncertainty of service cost?

When it comes to choosing the best hosting services, try to go by its credibility and reputation in the region. It ensures that experts guide you through what you pay for and what features you can access within the package you are paying for.

The transparency of the price rate can help in availing the service from a top and reliable source. If you are in doubt about the rate at which your site will grow monthly traffic, it is worth opting for a usage-based solution that best meets the needs of the business. Hence, it is better to approach companies that provide plans based on actual business needs.

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No prompt customer support

Poor customer support is another problem that can arise with hosting providers. WordPress hosting issues can take an inordinate amount of time to resolve and its email support is also slow, based on a ticket system.

Customers should not be responsible for handling the technicalities of the hosting server and instead, there should be prompt customer support to take care of it adequately. An active customer support team is most needed to get the best guidance and run the hosting service properly.

Some benefits of customer support

There’s nothing like connecting live with an agent and helping them resolve the issue or get some advice right away

When facing VPS or Virtual Private Server issue, the team can better guide you to resolve the issue

Continuous website monitoring is important and if something goes wrong the team should provide adequate technical support to fix it on time.

Furthermore, it is common to encounter WordPress hosting server issues and it should be easy to contact customer support at any point in time.

Conclusion – Most Common WordPress Hosting Problems

Before trusting a company, contact its support team so that you can get a better idea about how they can help you fix the problems. If they can guide you with permanent monitoring of hosting servers, and leave you stress free, then they are worth investing in.

WordPress is one of the top rated CMS to deploy for online business website. With WordPress hosting plans from companies users benefit from its automation and functionalities. Hosting issues are common and do crop up from time to time.

You have to contact experts and take appropriate technical support. The common issues mentioned above will give a better idea of what to do when such a situation occurs and how to deal with it properly.

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What are the most common WordPress hosting problems?

These are the most common WordPress hosting problems 1) Poor server performance, 2) Slow loading website due to unwanted plugins, 3) High traffic on basic plan hosting and 4) No customer support people etc.