Motorola Set to Launch Bendable Smartphone in India: Motorola Bendy Smartphone

Motorola Bendy Smartphone

Motorola Bendy Smartphone Launch Date in India: Motorola has unveiled their new phone! Motorola is set to unveil an innovative bendable smartphone at Lenovo Tech World in 2023. This groundbreaking device boasts a 6.9-inch FHD pOLED display that seamlessly unfolds and can be worn on the wrist like a watch, thanks to its flexibility and adaptability.

While Motorola has introduced similar futuristic devices in the past, the exact launch date for the bendy smartphone in India remains unknown. Despite this, the company has revealed some of the device’s key specifications, which we’ll delve into.

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Motorola Bendy Smartphone

Display6.9-inch FHD pOLED display, flexible and capable of adapting to various forms, named “Adaptive Display”
BatteryInformation not provided, expected to utilize a flexible battery
FeaturesPacked with AI features, every possible feature as indicated by the company


The bendy smartphone will feature a large 6.9-inch FHD pOLED screen known as the “Adaptive Display,” offering a fast refresh rate, high brightness, and the ability to adapt to various forms, including being worn as a wristwatch when laid flat.


Details about the bendy smartphone’s battery are currently undisclosed. To power this unique device, Motorola will likely need to employ a flexible battery, which is still under development. With ongoing efforts, it’s anticipated that more information about the battery will be shared soon.


Motorola’s bendy smartphone is expected to be loaded with advanced AI features and every imaginable feature, setting it apart in the foldable smartphone segment. While the pricing remains a mystery, the company’s silence suggests a highly competitive offering, potentially revitalizing the foldable smartphone market.

We’ve covered the latest on the Motorola Bendy Smartphone and its anticipated launch in India. If you found this information helpful, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments and see you share it across your social media channels.

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