Stunning Electric Blue Flame Captured in Viral Video of Volcanic Eruption

Viral Video of Volcanic Eruption Source: A video showcasing electric-blue flames erupting from Indonesia’s Kawah Ijen volcano has captivated social media users. Photographer Olivier Grunewald, who has been documenting the eruptions, explained that the unique blue glow is a result of the combustion of sulphuric gases.

The video, featured as part of a documentary released by Grunewald in collaboration with Geneva’s Society for Volcanology, recently gained widespread attention on social media. The captivating footage displays vibrant blue flames emanating from the volcano. Similar to other volcanoes, the Ijen volcano exhibits this blue lava phenomenon due to an abundance of sulphur pockets in the rock. Tourist Arrested in Goa After Sitting on Roof of Moving Maruti Brezza SUV Viral Video

When volcanic rocks with sulphur cracks burn at high pressure and temperature, sulphur dioxide is released, turning into a noxious gas upon contact with air. This process produces the striking blue flame, reaching heights of up to 16 feet, as reported by IFL Science.

Grunewald clarified, “This blue glow – uncommon for a volcano – isn’t, of course, lava, as unfortunately can be read on many websites. It is due to the combustion of sulphuric gases in contact with air at temperatures above 360 degrees Celsius.”

Electric Blue Flame Captured in Viral Video here.

Viral Video of Volcanic Eruption

The Smithsonian Magazine highlights that miners in the vicinity extract sulphuric rock, formed after the blue flames subside, for use in the food and chemical industries. These miners transport rock-filled baskets down the mountain, selling them for approximately 680 Indonesian rupiahs per kilogram, equivalent to about six cents.

Grunewald estimates that these nighttime miners can mine and carry between 80 to 100 kg over a 12-hour workday, earning about $5 to $6. The Kawah Ijen volcano is part of a vast volcanic complex within a crater formed by a previous eruption. The complex features around 22 eruption points, mostly around the caldera’s rim.

The lake created by the volcano is the biggest acid lake globally, with a pH value of zero. Experts advise against swimming in the lake due to the life-threatening risks it poses. Mohammad Siraj Viral Video: Fans welcome him by showering money on him