The Easy Trick That Keeps Peaches From Browning


Trick to Keep Peaches Fresh: Cut peaches can be kept fresh for up to five days by soaking them in club soda for five minutes. After soaking, store them in a sealed jar. This method, shared by influencers Cortney LaCorte and Nicole Modic, prevents browning due to oxidation. It also offers the bonus of a peach-flavored beverage after the soaking process.

How to Keep Your Peaches Fresh and Delicious

Peaches are a delightful summer fruit that can be enjoyed in a variety of sweet and savory dishes. However, once a peach is cut, it tends to quickly turn brown due to the natural oxidation process. While the traditional method of using lemon juice can alter the taste of the peaches, a new trick has emerged on social media, promising to keep the fruit fresh without affecting its flavor.

The Surprising Solution: Club Soda

Renowned social media influencers Cortney LaCorte (Cheese Gal) and Nicole Modic (Kale Junkie) have shed light on a clever hack to preserve peaches using club soda. According to Modic, soaking cut-up peaches in club soda for just five minutes can keep them fresh for up to five days when stored in a sealed jar. This innovative technique has garnered widespread attention and sparked discussions among food enthusiasts.

Modic’s revelation has prompted interesting inquiries and suggestions from her followers. Some have pondered on alternatives such as sparkling water or light baking soda solutions, while others have humorously proposed soaking peaches in red wine. Modic emphasizes that club soda, specifically due to its bicarbonate of sodium content, is the key element for this method to be effective.

This newfound approach not only keeps the peaches looking and tasting fresh, but it also presents an opportunity to enjoy a peach-flavored beverage after the soaking process. With this innovative solution, you can savor your peaches without any undesirable discoloration or flavor alteration.

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