Titans QB Will Levis Left Disappointed by Steelers Fans in Shocking Turn of Events

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Titans QB Disappointed in Steelers Fans: The Pittsburgh Steelers crowd was disappointed by the performance of the Titans rookie quarterback.

The Pittsburgh Steelers won 20-16 against the Tennessee Titans in Week 9. Titans rookie quarterback Will Levis said this game was important to him, whether he played or not.

“Playing or not, I’ve been looking forward to this game because of the amazing atmosphere,” Levis told reporters earlier this week. “I know their fans will show up and it’s going to be a great environment. We’re prepared for it. I’m excited to experience it all and then just do my best.”

Throughout the week, the Titans played Renegade at practice and had crowd noise from the sideline to prepare for Steelers fans. Even though it didn’t improve Levis’s chances of winning, he still appreciated the tradition when the song played in the fourth quarter.

“That cool tradition they have here,” he said. “They play ‘Renegade’ by Styx before important defensive drives in the fourth quarter. The song is really good and it’s been stuck in my head all week during practice, so it was nice to hear it during the game.”

What he thought would have been better was the crowd, which he said he was slightly disappointed in.

“It was loud, but not too crazy,” Levis said. “We practiced in an even louder environment to prepare for this. We managed to communicate well despite the fans making it challenging. Overall, we got the job done operationally.”

Steelers fans have played a big role in the team’s success this season, even though they didn’t meet Levis’s expectations. They definitely contributed to the win.

“Steeler Nation, you were amazing as always,” T.J. Watt expressed his gratitude after the game. “Acrisure was filled with energy tonight. Thank you all. Let’s keep going.”