TVS X Smart Electric Scooter: Bringing an End to Ola’s Game with a 105 km Range

TVS X Smart Electric Scooter

TVS has launched its first smart electric scooter in India, the X Smart, which puts an end to Ola’s dominance in the market. This scooter offers a substantial discount of ₹20,000, making it an attractive option for buyers. Although the initial sales were slow, the company is confident that this offer will boost its appeal significantly.

The TVS X Smart Electric Scooter boasts an eye-catching design and impressive features. With a range of 140 km per charge, a fast charging option, and top speed of 105 km/hr, it promises a convenient and efficient ride. The inclusion of ABS, tubeless tyres, and alloy wheels enhances both safety and style.

TVS X Smart Electric Scooter Specifications

Range140 km/charge
Charging Time4 Hr
Top Speed105 km/Hr
Tyre TypeTubeless
Ground Clearance175mm
Fast ChargingYes
Battery TypeLi-ion
Fuel TypeElectric
Motor TypePMSM
Charging Time0 to 50% – 50 min
ABSSingle Channel
Wheels TypeAlloy

TVS X Smart Electric Scooter Key Features

  • Starting (Remote Start, Push Button Start)
  • ABS (Single Channel)
  • Clock
  • Wheels Type (Alloy)
  • Speedometer (Digital)
  • Trip Meter (Digital)

TVS X Smart Electric Scooter Price

The TVS X Smart Electric Scooter is priced at Rs. 2,49,000 in the Indian market. Additionally, buyers can avail a discount of ₹20,000 on purchase, and also have the option to buy it on EMI.

TVS X Smart Electric Scooter Pros and Cons


  • Attractive Pricing: The scooter is competitively priced at Rs. 2,49,000 in the Indian market, with an additional discount of ₹20,000, making it an enticing option for prospective buyers.
  • Range and Speed: With a range of 140 km per charge and a top speed of 105 km/hr, the X Smart offers an efficient and exhilarating ride quality to its users.
  • Design and Features: Boasting an eye-catching design and an array of impressive features such as fast charging, ABS, and alloy wheels, this scooter merges style with functionality.


  • Initial Sales: Despite the notable features and discount, the initial sales were slow, which could raise concerns about its market penetration and consumer appeal.
  • Limited Network: Availability of charging stations and service centers may currently be limited, potentially posing a challenge for users in certain areas.

TVS X Smart Electric Scooter Rivals

The TVS X Smart Electric Scooter faces stiff competition from several rivals in the Indian market. Some of its key rivals include:

  1. Ola Electric Scooter: Ola’s electric scooter had a strong foothold in the market prior to the launch of the X Smart, making it a major rival for TVS.
  2. Ather 450X: Known for its advanced features and performance, the Ather 450X competes directly with the TVS X Smart in the premium electric scooter segment.
  3. Bajaj Chetak Electric: Bajaj’s re-entry into the electric scooter space with the Chetak Electric presents another formidable challenge for TVS. Bajaj Chetak Premium vs Urbane: Exciting Features and 127 km Range
  4. Simple One: As a new entrant, the Simple One electric scooter offers competition in terms of pricing and features, potentially impacting the X Smart’s market positioning.
  5. Revolt RV400: With its innovative pricing model and distinct design, the Revolt RV400 stands as an alternative option for prospective electric scooter buyers, further intensifying the competition.

These rivals collectively contribute to a vibrant and competitive landscape within the Indian electric scooter market, posing challenges for the TVS X Smart Electric Scooter’s market share and consumer appeal.

How to buy TVS X Smart Electric Scooter?

To buy the TVS X Smart Electric Scooter in India, follow these steps:

  1. Visit TVS Dealership: Locate a TVS dealership near you to explore the scooter and its features in person.
  2. Inquire about Purchase and Discounts: Speak to the dealership staff about the purchase process, available discounts, and any special offers or financing options.
  3. Test Ride: Request a test ride to experience the scooter’s performance and features firsthand before making a purchase decision.
  4. Documentation and Payment: Upon finalizing your decision, complete the necessary documentation and choose a suitable payment method, whether it’s a one-time payment or an EMI option.
  5. Take Delivery: Once the purchase process is complete, take delivery of your TVS X Smart Electric Scooter and enjoy your new ride!


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