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Vijay Chauhan

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There is no dearth of talented artists in the state of Bihar, just need to identify them at the right time, today we are going to give complete information about Bhojpuri’s superhit musician and singer Vijay Chauhan, one of the talented artists, Chauhan was born in Bihar. K was born in a middle class family in Khardara village of Siwan district and he is mainly known for composing Bhojpuri songs and also emerged as a famous singer in Bhojpuri. It has been going viral because of its songs, today it is a condition of being famous among Bhojpuri audience that their songs go viral as soon as they are released on YouTube and their songs get more than 100 million views on YouTube.

Introduction of Vijay Chauhan

Some introduction of Vijay Chauhan’s birth in brief, which is shown in the table below in front of you, which is as follows:

Vijay Chauhan Biography

Full NameVijay Chauhan
Date of Birth5 May 1994
OccupationBhojpuri Singer, Music Composer, Youtuber, Instagram Star
Place of BirthSiwan, Bihar, India
Age (2024)30 years old
Father’s nameUpdate Soon
Mother’s NameUpdate soon
Knowledge of LanguageHindi
Marital StatusSingle
Income SourceBhojpuri Singer, Youtuber, Instagram Star
Annual Income60-70 lakh

Vijay Chauhan family

The entire family of Vijay Chauhan lives in Siwan district of Bihar. He is the beloved son of his parents. Vijay Chauhan belongs to an ordinary Hindu family.

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Vijay Chauhan Bhojpuri career

Talking about Vijay Chauhan’s Bhojpuri career, he started the album Bhojpuri Song from 2009, but his Bhojpuri song was not much liked by the audience, he did not stop singing the album in Bhojpuri and kept trying and today he has become famous. He is a Bhojpuri music composer as well as a leading singer of Bhojpuri industry and today his Bhojpuri songs have more than 100 million views on YouTube.

Vijay Chauhan girlfriend wife

Vijay Chauhan is not married yet. The recent controversy among Bhojpuri artists has come to light, and if this continues, Shilpi Raj and Vijay Chauhan may tie the knot in the coming days. Vijay Chauhan has mostly worked with famous Bhojpuri singer Shilpi Raj.

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Vijay Chauhan hit Bhojpuri songs

The name of Vijay Chauhan’s most superhit song is “Nadi Beech Naiya” Dole” which has got more than 200 million views and likes on YouTube and it is sung by Shilpi Raj and Vijay Chauhan together.

Many of Vijay Chauhan’s songs have crossed 100 million views and their views are increasing day by day and are being well liked by the Bhojpuri audience.

  1. Nadi Bich Naiya Dole
  2. Cheet Badali
  3. Apni To Jaise Taise
  4. Pardesia Khesari Lal Yadav
  5. Khake Zarda Panwa
  6. Laika Kaise Gore Ho Gayeel
  7. Genda Phool Bhojpuri Version
  8. Marle Ba Jaan Toh Aankh Ke Kajrawa Ho
  9. Neelam Kahe Chilam Dharailu
  10. Ye Chameli

Where is Vijay Chauhan’s house?

Vijay Chauhan’s home is in Khardara village in Siwan district of Bihar state, India.

Who is Vijay Chauhan’s girlfriend?

According to internet information, Shilpi Raj is Vijay Chauhan’s girlfriend.

What does Vijay Chauhan do?

Vijay Chauhan is Bhojpuri Singer, YouTuber, Instagram Star

Where does Vijay Chauhan live?

Vijay Chauhan is in Siwan district of Bihar State.

Kaun Hai Vijay Chauhan Hit Bhojpuri Song

Vijay Chauhan hit Bhojpuri song is “Nadi Bich Naiya Dole”

What is the source of income of Vijay Chauhan?

Vijay Chauhan is Bhojpuri Singer, Song Composer, YouTuber, Instagram Star

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