10 Creative Uses of Cardstock Paper

Scrapbooking: Create durable and long-lasting scrapbook pages with cardstock paper as the base. Its sturdiness provides a solid foundation for photos, embellishments, and journaling.

Card Making: Whether it's for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, cardstock paper is perfect for crafting handmade cards. Its thickness gives cards a professional look and feel.

Paper Crafts: From paper flowers and ornaments to gift boxes and party decorations, cardstock is ideal for various paper craft projects due to its durability and ability to hold shapes.

Printable Invitations: Design and print elegant invitations for events such as weddings, parties, and baby showers on cardstock paper. The weight of the paper adds a touch of sophistication.

Journal Covers: For DIY journals, notebooks, or planners, cardstock is an excellent choice for creating custom covers that can be decorated and personalized to suit individual styles.

Home Décor: Explore using cardstock to create wall art, framed quotes, and 3D paper sculptures. Its rigidity allows for intricate designs and detailed cutting.

Cardstock papers: Cardstock is great for making greeting cards, postcards, or business cards.

Mixed Media: Artists use it for various techniques like painting, scrapbook layouts, home decor, stamping, and collage.

Paper Flowers: Can be shaped into beautiful paper flowers for decorative purposes. 

Types of Cardstock Paper