GolPaper.com Date: 1 April 2024

10 Everyday Uses of Paper

Currency and Financial Instruments: Paper is used as money, in the form of banknotes and cheques.

Writing and Reading: It is used for writing and reading in books, magazines, and letters.

Packaging and Carrying: Paper is used for wrapping and carrying things in envelopes and paper bags.

Cleaning: It serves as cleaning material, like toilet paper and tissues.

Crafting: Paper is used for making various items, such as origami and paper planes.

Artistic Pursuits: It is utilized for art, including drawing and making prototypes.

Special Occasions: Paper is used for creating gifts, wedding cards, and special occasion cards worldwide.

Food Storage: It can be utilized for packing and preserving tomatoes.

Single-Use Items: Paper is used for making single-use disposable cups for liquids.

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