A Guide to Choosing the Right Paper for Your Art project 

Acid-Free Paper: To ensure the longevity of your artwork, it's crucial to select acid-free paper.

This type of paper is buffered with calcium carbonate, which neutralizes absorbed acid from the air or natural aging processes, preventing deterioration and yellowing over time.

Note that almost all fine art papers are acid-free, except for Newsprint, which is designed for practice and not meant for long-term preservation.

Surface Texture: Consider the paper's surface texture, especially when working with multiple layers.

The right texture can make it easier to add more colors without difficulty.

Weight of the Paper: The weight of the paper is important, as heavier paper can withstand more layers, water, and techniques compared to lighter paper.

This weight is determined by the total weight of 500 sheets, which are weighed together at the factory.

Sizing of the Paper: Ensure that the paper is correctly sized for the medium you're using, whether it's internally, externally, or both.

Medium and Paper Type: Manufacturers produce paper to work effectively with different mediums.

It's advisable to choose paper recommended by the manufacturer based on your preferred medium for the best results in your artwork.