American rapper Killer Mike's net worth may surprise you

Killer Mike, whose real name is Michael Render, is an American rapper, activist, and entrepreneur.

Killer Mike was heavily influenced by Hip-Hop culture, and he began rapping at a young age.

He entered the music industry in the early 2000s and formed the group Run the Jewels with rapper El-P.

The duo released several successful albums, garnering critical acclaim for their politically conscious lyrics.

The well-known American rapper known as “Killer Mike” is estimated to have a total wealth of $7 million.

This information is sourced from different online platforms like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg

Music career: Killer Mike has released four solo albums and has been a member of the hip hop duo Run the Jewels since 2013.

Acting career: Killer Mike has appeared in several  films and television shows, including “ATL” (2006), “The Walking Dead”  (2017), and “Black Panther” (2018).

Book deals: Killer Mike has written two books,  “Trigger Warning: Black Men, Guns, and the Radical Solution to Violence”  (2017) and “Kill Your Masters” (2020).

Brand partnerships: Killer Mike has partnered with several brands, including Adidas, Puma, and Mountain Dew.