Are you facing harassment from boss superiors at work

You may wonder when it’s appropriate to file a complaint in the labor  court. Here are some common situations where filing a complaint is  warranted:

Termination: If you have been unjustly fired from your job.

Salary Issues: If your employer consistently delays or reduces your salary.

Unfair Treatment: If you’re not receiving fair compensation for your labor.

Neglect of Employee Interests: If the company or its officials disregard the well-being of the employees.

Excessive Working Hours: If you’re being made to work beyond the stipulated time.

Overburdening Workload: If you’re consistently given tasks that exceed your capacity.

Employee Exploitation: If you’re being exploited in any way.

Harassment: If a female employee is subjected to any form of harassment.

Before filing a complaint in the labor court, there are some key factors you should keep in mind.