WebStory.co.in Date- 18 November 2023

Kirk Herbstreit Thinks 12-1 Alabama Should Make Playoff Over 13-0 Florida State

During this Saturday's edition of "College GameDay," ESPN's Kirk  Herbstreit made some interesting comments about Alabama and Florida  State.

While the crew was going through its "CFP Chaos" segment, Herbstreit argued that a 12-1 Alabama team should make the College Football Playoff over a 13-0 Florida State team.

Herbstreit's argument is that Alabama is playing better football and would need to pick up a win over No. 1 Georgia to get to 12-1.

Desmond Howard agreed with Herbstreit's take. Rece Davis, however, did not.

Florida State's path to the CFP should be relatively simple. For starters, it has to win its remaining regular-season games against North Alabama and Florida.

Once that's taken care of, Florida State will need to win the ACC Championship. If those two things happen, there's no way the committee can leave an undefeated Power 5 champion out of the CFP.

That being said, Alabama could still make the big dance. Nick Saban's squad just has zero margin for error.