Guide to Choosing the Right Photographic Paper

Glossy: Provides a shiny finish and vibrant colors, ideal for high contrast images.

Paper Type

Matte: Offers a non-reflective surface, suitable for a wide range of photos.

The weight of the paper is measured in grams per square meter (gsm), indicating its sturdiness and durability.

Weight and Thickness

Consider the thickness of the paper, as it can affect the overall feel and quality of your prints.

Different papers have varying textures, such as smooth, textured, or metallic finishes. The choice depends on the desired artistic effect.

Surface Texture

For long-lasting prints, opt for archival-quality paper that is acid-free and lignin-free to resist fading and deterioration.

Archival Quality

Look for papers with high resistance to fading and yellowing, ensuring the longevity of your photographic prints.

Print Permanence

Ensure that the chosen paper is compatible with your printer type (inkjet or laser) for optimal results.


Research and consider reputable brands known for their photographic papers, and take into account user reviews for insights.

Brand and Review