How is Paper Made from Trees?

Selection of Trees: Trees with high amounts of fibers in their wood are chosen for paper production. 

Cutting Wood into Pieces: The selected trees are cut into round pieces, and the bark is removed before being sent to the factory.

Preparing Pulp: There are two methods for preparing pulp - mechanical and chemical.

Mechanical Pulping Method: This method does not require chemicals. It involves using grinding stones for round pieces of wood or refiners for small pieces to separate the fibers.

The resulting paper is softer and has more opacity, making it suitable for newspapers and magazines.

Chemical Pulping Method: This is the most commonly used method. It involves softening small pieces of wood by cooking them in steam,

removing trapped air, and combining with an alkaline solution. The fibers are then boiled and cleaned, resulting in high-quality paper.

Beating: The prepared pulp goes through a pounding and squeezing process. 

Various filler materials like chalk, clay, or chemicals are added to enhance properties such as opacity.

Manufacturing of Paper from Pulp: The pulp is fed into a large automated machine, where it undergoes several stages to form a long layer of paper.

This paper is then cut into smaller pieces to produce items like magazines, notebooks, and newspapers.