How Long Does It Take for Shares to Reflect in Demat Account?

When it comes to the duration for shares of a company to reflect in your  demat account after purchase, the process has evolved over time. 

Previously, as per SEBI regulations, it took 48 hours or 2 days for the  shares to be transferred to the demat account after the order was  placed. 

However, as of the present date, the duration has been reduced to 24 hours, commonly referred to as the T+1 period.

T represents the day when the order to buy shares is placed, 

and T+1 signifies the next day when the money is transferred to the exchange and shares are received by the broker on your behalf.

Within this 24-hour T+1 settlement cycle, the shares will reflect in your demat account.

The process of clearing and settlement is crucial in comprehending the  movement of funds and securities between traders and the stock market. 

It is essential to understand the duration it takes for shares to be  remitted to or from a Demat account when engaging in stock transactions. 

T means – it’s the day when you make a BUY or SELL order. Plus one means the next day. 

Understanding Clearing and Settlement in Stock Market