Is Your Hard-Earned Money Safe in Mutual Funds?

You may have invested in mutual funds through a bank, an AMC website, or platforms like Upstox, Zerodha coin, or Groww app.

In all these cases, there is a person who manages your funds, known as a fund manager.

It should be noted that the fund manager’s earnings come from the money you have invested.

If they do not receive commission, it becomes difficult for them to run their households.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of these fund managers to invest the money you have placed in good companies.

The money you have given to mutual fund companies does not stay with them, and they cannot keep this money with them because of SEBI regulations.

Therefore, these companies invest your money in stocks of different companies.

Your money is not invested in just one company, but is invested in 50 or even more companies.

Moreover, this money is not invested only in companies from one industry,

but the choice is made from different companies in each industry, and the money is then invested in them.