Must read if You think Money is everything

Many people believe that money is not everything or money is everything. Let’s delve into the true story behind this statement.

Lack of money can lead to people not receiving timely treatment, resulting in their untimely deaths.

The pain is even greater when we know that having money would have saved their lives through proper medical care.

People say that taking and giving dowry is sinful, and I support this statement.

However, due to the lack of money, fathers continuously struggle and wander in search of means to give less dowry.

This leads to delays in marriages, cancellations, or an increased likelihood of disputes after marriage.

It is a separate matter that the final decision on the relationship lies  with the prospective groom’s family. But in this situation, having  money can ensure the right things happen at the right time.

It is intriguing how far people will go for money. From one corner of the world to another, families are separated for the sake of money.

People resort to all sorts of activities, including violence and cleaning drains, solely for the sake of money.

People claim that money is not everything, but then why do they engage in hard work or unethical activities and corruption?