WebStory.co.in Date- 18 November 2023

College Basketball Player Ejected For Throwing Nasty Punch

Baskets were scored and punches were thrown at the 2023 Baha Mar Hoops Bahamas Championship on Friday night.

Tempers flared when Kansas State's Dai Dai Ames tried to create separation from Providence's Garwey Dual on an inbounds play.

Although it didn't seem to be his intention, Ames hit Dual up high. Instead of letting it go, Dual tried to retaliate by taking a swing at Ames' face.

Thankfully, Providence assistant coach Nate Tomlinson was able to stop Dual from throwing a second punch.

The officials decided to eject both Ames and Dual from Friday night's game.

When asked if Dual learned any lesson from this incident, Providence head coach Kim English replied, "You shouldn't fight during a basketball game."

There's a good chance Dual will miss additional time because of this altercation. The NCAA obviously doesn't want scuffles like this breaking out on the hardwood.