Upgrade Your Avocado Cutting Game

Avocado, the versatile and buttery fruit, can enhance a wide range of dishes, from breakfast cereals and sandwiches to salads and desserts.

But before enjoying its luscious flesh, the tough exterior needs to be dealt with.

The typical approach involves cutting through the skin and scooping out the fruit, but what if there's a more efficient method?

Many of us are accustomed to slicing avocados lengthwise and then attempting to remove the pit with a knife, a process that can sometimes lead to undesirable outcomes.

However, there's a more effective technique, as shared by Insider, that simplifies the task and minimizes the risk.

By slicing the avocado across, you can easily and swiftly remove the pit without the need for a spoon or knife.

With a gentle push, the pit pops out, and you can even create elegant avocado rings without damaging the flesh.

Besides its convenience, this horizontal cut also keeps the unused portion of the avocado fresh for a longer period.