What gift should be given to a child on their birthday?

You can give any kind of gift to an 18-year-old boy according to his choice.  

Keep in mind that these young people really like gifts related to electronics and technology. 

such as smart speakers, smart bands, mobile phones, or cameras. These  items can cater to their interests and provide practical benefits. 

Stylish jackets, bracelets, shoes, wallets, and grooming kits are great gifts that cater to boys’ fashion and grooming needs. 

Consider gifting sports-related items like footballs, cricket bats, or athletic gear if the boy is passionate about sports or outdoor activities. 

Boys nowadays pay attention to their grooming, making grooming kits and skin care products thoughtful and useful gifts. 

These kits include body spray, soap, deodorant, and shaving cream, which contribute to their daily personal care routine. 

You can also give boys different kinds of gifts like gaming tools,  glasses, watches, caps, and more. Boys really enjoy these gifts.