What is Filter paper

Filter paper is a specialized material used for filtration in scientific, industrial, and laboratory applications. 

It plays a crucial role in effectively separating solids from liquids or  gases, contributing to the quality and accuracy of various processes. 

Smoke Filter Paper: Used to capture and remove  impurities from smoke in air purification systems, cigarette filters,  and industrial smoke filtration processes.

Air Filter Paper: Utilized in air filters for engines to supply clean air, typically requiring very porous and sturdy paper.

Oil Filter Paper: Used for engine oil cleaning to remove dirt and other impurities, designed to stay strong in high heat conditions.

Fuel Filter Paper: Utilized in fuel filters as pleated cartridges, made from a mix of hardwood and softwood fibers.

Coffee Filtration: Commonly used in coffee makers to separate coffee grounds from the liquid.

Water Filtration: Incorporated in DIY water filtration systems to remove solid particles and impurities from drinking water.

Cooking: Used to strain impurities from broths, stocks, and oils in culinary applications.

Arts and Crafts: Commonly used for art and craft projects due to its absorbent qualities and ability to create interesting textures.

Educational Demonstrations: Employed in educational activities to demonstrate filtration principles.

How many types of filter paper are there?