What is the best paper for box packaging?

The best paper for box packaging depends on the specific requirements of the packaging project.

However, some commonly used papers for box packaging include kraft paper, corrugated cardboard, and coated paper.

Each type offers distinct qualities suitable for different packaging needs: 

Kraft Paper: Known for its strength and durability,  kraft paper is commonly used for packaging items that require protection  during transit.

It is an eco-friendly option and is often used for grocery bags, wrapping paper, and corrugated boxes.

Corrugated Cardboard: Widely utilized for shipping  boxes and product packaging, corrugated cardboard is known for its  cushioning and protective properties.

It consists of a fluted layer between two flat linerboards, providing strength and impact resistance. 

Coated Paper: Coated paper is a versatile option suitable for high-quality packaging with a polished appearance.

It is often used for retail packaging, luxury product boxes, and  promotional materials. The coating enhances the paper’s surface for  vibrant printing and visual appeal.

Box covering and lining paper: Paper used for covering and lining boxes or other containers.