What is the best paper to print your own business cards?

Business cards are important for helping people remember you and what  you do. They are a simple way to introduce yourself and can also be  used for other purposes.

Matte stock: Featuring a smooth, non-shiny finish,  this paper provides a professional look and allows for easy writing.

Matte stock: It  comes in various colors, with white, cream, beige, and tan being popular  choices.

Glossy stock: This paper has a shiny finish that enhances the appearance of colors and graphics.

Glossy stock: It is coated, protecting the cards from water damage and tearing, but it is not suitable for writing.

Photo card stock: Ideal for achieving a photo-quality finish, this paper is commonly used for real estate agents and double-sided, full-color cards.

Textured card stock: With options for both shiny and non-shiny finishes, this paper adds a tactile dimension to your business cards and comes in various colors.

Business cards are commonly printed on paper with a GSM (grams per square meter) measurement ranging from 300 to 400 GSM.

A standard business card typically has an aspect ratio of 1.42:1, which corresponds to the dimensions of 3.5 inches by 2 inches.

Who might use a personal business card?