What is the difference between a photo paper and a fine art paper?

Intended Use

Photo paper is designed specifically for producing photographic prints. It's commonly used for traditional photo reproductions, snapshots, and professional photography.

Fine art paper is primarily used for printing art reproductions, digital artwork, and limited edition prints. It's often chosen for its archival quality and ability to showcase details and textures in art prints.


Photo paper is typically coated with multiple layers of specific chemicals, including light-sensitive silver halide emulsion, to produce high-quality, vibrant images.

Fine art paper is crafted from archival-quality materials, such as cotton or alpha-cellulose, to ensure longevity and resistance to deterioration.

It's designed to meet the specific requirements of art printing, including color accuracy and reproduction of fine details.


Photo paper has a glossy, satin, or matte finish, depending on the desired effect. The surface is smooth and reflective, enhancing the sharpness and color vibrancy of the printed photographs. 

Fine art paper comes in various textures, including smooth, matte, and textured surfaces, offering a tactile and nuanced aesthetic to the printed artworks.