Why Add Water to Your Air Fryer Drawer?

The air fryer has gained widespread popularity, quickly becoming a favorite among home chefs.

Praised for its ability to produce crispy "fried" foods using hot air instead of oil, this convenient countertop appliance has proliferated in American homes.

It is capable of preparing a diverse range of dishes, from pork chops to chicken wings, and excels at reheating leftovers like baked potatoes and ribs.

While the air fryer is a relatively hands-off appliance, common mistakes can still occur, such as neglecting to preheat it or overfilling the basket.

One oversight that may lead to issues is failing to add a small amount of water to the appliance's drawer.

This article will explain the reasoning behind this practice.

Have you ever experienced smoking coming from your air fryer while cooking? 

This can often happen when fatty foods, particularly meat, release fat into the heating element, where it then burns and produces smoke.

To mitigate this, it is recommended to add a small layer of water to the drawer of the air fryer, situated just below the basket.

When cooking fatty foods like bacon, this practice can protect the heating element and reduce the amount of smoke produced.