You will be shocked to know about Dark Side IPO

When you invest money in IPO, there are some risks also. It is very important to do this thoughtfully.

See friends, when you invest money in IPO, the biggest disadvantage is that the shares of IPO keep changing a lot.

That means their prices keep changing again and again. This happens  because their value can change due to market sentiments and investor  demand.

Before investing money in IPO, it is very important to thoroughly research and analyze the business of any company.

Because very little is known about a new company, its performance cannot be predicted.

Unless you are absolutely sure that the business will be successful, it is better to avoid losses from an IPO.

Friends, in some IPOs the investor has to follow the “lock in period” rule.

In this, the shares have to be held for a certain period of time and  this may cause restriction on the liquidity of the shares for some time.

Understanding the business of new IPO companies can be difficult.

Before getting information about the company, you should carefully look  at the financial investments and other important information of the  company.

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